Nothing is hidden. The use of force is impossible.

Tangle is a 2019 neo-black American sci-fi thriller about a murder in a supposedly technological vault.

Writer, director and co-screenwriter Christopher Soren Kelly (Infinity Camera actor; Ink) makes his directorial debut with this – also starring Joshua Bitton, Jessica Graham, Nicole da Silva and Anil Kumar.


A secret government agency called the Army of Purity (A.S.P.) monitors the entanglement from technological vaults, places impervious to the nanobots that make up the entanglement. When A.S.P. Field Agent Margo Foster is murdered in one of these rooms, it is the first murder in California in three years.

The prime suspect is Carter Carmine, a private investigator who worked with A.S.P. agents on a program called Cleopatra Squad. Cleopatra created Tangled. Agents Edward Banderas and Laurel Arrow, married to A.S.P., took Carter to one of the shelters after surgically removing his S.O.L. from his brain.

Carter was stalking margo right before she died. He has a motive and is one of the few in the world with the technical knowledge to hide from Tangle. Cops are using Tangles’ information to harass Carter: They know his movements down to the millimetre, down to the millisecond. He’s obviously hiding something.

In the end, all the suspects and secrets are revealed: a conspiracy between Margot and Edward to limit Cleopatra’s power over Tangled, Edward on duty caught in the act, the hidden bond between Laurel and Carter, Cleopatra’s true identity, and finally the true explanation for Margot’s murder.

Ultimately, the agents must rush into the world and dig into obsolete technology to solve the murder and prevent the collapse of Trangle, the world as they know it….

Date of publication :

In the United States, Cursed Warrior Productions, in association with SitkaBlu Productions, will release Tangled on the 19th. March 2021 publication on demand.

Exams [click on the links for more information] :

The costume designs are fun and add to the dark atmosphere of the film – it seems that the fashions of the 40s and 50s will eventually return in full force to future Los Angeles. The execution is solid, and the puzzle pieces largely fall into place at the climax. Fans of cyberpunk, crime fiction and science fiction with technology will enjoy The Tangle. Scary smile.

Where technology has allowed – or even forced – most people to live in the fantasy of Xanadu, here we are almost entirely confined to this seedy backroom world, showing the mindset of those who create and control it – the guards and the mostly invisible women. It gives a glimpse of our future that is at once utopian and dystopian, heavenly and paranoid, in a beautifully stylized cyber-punk exploration of the all-too-human ghosts that haunt our machines. Extrapolated figures

It’s one of those movies that could only exist as an independent space, unconstrained and full of unimaginative people.  An intelligent and creative film that imagines a world transformed by new technologies – while finding lyrical beauty in the most banal settings. Rivets on the poster

The classic love triangle, whodunit and interrogation with retro sayings in cool dialogue in black take place in a futuristic world, and the science-fiction story has the viewer trying to connect everything to a reality they can understand and intrigued by the mystery and its eventual resolution. Without your head.

The actors and characters:

Joshua Bitton… Carter
Christopher Soren Kelly… Edward
Jessica Graham… Laurel
Nicole da Silva… Francesca
Anil Kumar… Avatar 19, Mary Jane Wells… Margot 19 Bel Delia… Cleo 19 Kevin Ostenstad… Frank’s robot taxi…

Technical details :

Ninety-nine minutes.



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