Play, Sam!

I’ve been watching this from day one.
Queen: Flash! Aah! Savior of the universe!
Iris: Right, Cisco?
Sisko: That guy goes in and out of a black hole!
Iris: …good point.

The Flash Into the Void (Season 6 Episode 1)

It’s been a while since we listed the top 5 classic superhero soundtracks. These five albums are still good, but it gets tiring to hear the same songs over and over again. It’s time to update your playlists with new tracks. What are the next 5 superhero soundtracks? We’ll find out.

Same rule as last time: No cartoon songs.

#5 My Hero Academy

Bakugo: Get ready, AU… OUR SONG WILL KILL YOU!

My hero academy, let it go! School Festival (Season 4 Episode 23)

You didn’t think DC Comics and Marvel had a monopoly on superhero soundtracks, did you? They’re good, but the My Hero Academy soundtrack manages to rise above them, plus ultra.

Like any good superhero soundtrack, MHA has dozens of heroic songs and themes to keep you going. The triumphant I’m There, a confident Just Another Hero, or the intense battle theme You Say Run will get any listener ready to save the world. There are also a number of soft songs suitable for dramatic scenes, such as. B. Suffer without imagination and you can be a hero.

The heroes have more leads, but the villains are more varied. The theme of the murderous hero Blur leaves conflicting memories. League of Villains fights for a mix of EDM and metal like Vanguard Action Squad, All-Out Attack. And all the heroes panic when the big bad guy arrives and hears the operatic sounds of all-for-one power.

#4 Joker (2019)

Joker: Oh, come on, Murray. Do I look like a clown who can start a movement? I killed those guys because they were awful. Everyone is terrible these days. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.
Murray: Okay, so that’s it? Are you crazy? Is that your defense for the murder of three young men?
Joker: No. They couldn’t even hold a note to save their lives.

The Joker (2019)

There are many soundtracks of superheroes, but few of them win awards, let alone Oscars and Grammys. Fortunately, the Joker is there to catch them both.

Scorsese’s film, made for Clown Prince of Crime, is about the haunting score of Gurnadottir’s Chernobyl Guild. The score alternates between intense and discrete songs like Subway or Call Me Joker, melancholic tunes like Penny Taken to the Hospital or Defeated Clown, and completely surreal songs like Bathroom Dance.

Several licensed songs serve as counterpoints to Gurnadottir’s score. Depression Joker is presented by Everybody Plays Dumb and Smile Jimmy Durante. Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter and White Room by Cream are used to show his madness after becoming a villain. And throughout the film, Frank Sinatra’s It’s a Life served as the theme song.

The funny thing is that the Joker’s soundtrack is very similar to that of Batman (1989). Both use orchestral music to depict the dystopia of Gotham City, but have popular songs for the Joker’s major appearances. The only difference is that Batman mainly uses music by Prince, while the Joker focuses on the old hits.

#3 WandaVision

She’s sneaky, so sneaky
I bet you didn’t even notice
And please, please, please
Please, please, please
Too late to fix anything
Now that everything is going wrong.

– That was ______ while talking about Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and Kathryn Hahn.

This surprisingly creepy sitcom is practically already a musical, so it’s no surprise that WandaVision compiled our list of superhero soundtracks.

Due to the ever-changing decades that WandaVision represents, the show can draw from a wide spectrum of music. In one episode Vision distracts his boss with an impromptu performance of Yaketa Yak, and in another he uses Twilight The Platters to suggest that something is wrong. WandaVision also contains perhaps the most appropriate use of Daydream Believer and Voodoo Child ever.

Not content with just renting music, WandaVision also offers several sets for the credits that pay homage to classic sitcoms. WandaVision and W-V 2000 are direct imitations of Bewitched and The Office. The newlyweds have fun at the opening of the Dick Van Dyke show, while Let’s Go continues to have fun with Malcolm at the opening of Medium.

It’s a tribute to family ties. We have a little Come on, have fun combo cooking from the Partridge Family with visuals from Brady Bunch. The highlight of the album is It Was ______ All Along, a fun and mischievous song written in a mashup of themes from The Munsters and The Addams Family.

#2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A Procyon lothor isn’t good with people, but it’s good with engines. The strange thing next to her is a baby sequoia. When two of them come along, people say oh man.

Guardian Inferno by The Sneepers.

You didn’t think Guardians of the Galaxy would be left out of this sequel when they crossed off our previous list, did you? Awesome Mix Vol. 2 is our penultimate superhero soundtrack.

Like the first Guardians movie, the sequel uses classic rock as the soundtrack to battles and important scenes. A rocket was supposed to ambush a bunch of space pirates in the woods? Perfect timing for Glen Campbell’s Southern Nights. Yondu, who carelessly kills his team of traitors? Getting a little closer works better than it should. Are you going home with Ego? The best way to get there is via Lake Shore Drive.

In fact, Brandy (You’re a Beautiful Girl) plays an important role in the film. It was Star-Lord’s mother’s favorite song, which she introduced to her father, Ego. He uses it to contact his son and encourage him to join his campaign against genocide. Ego even explicitly compares himself to a sailor in the song to justify his crimes.

Although most of the songs are borrowed, there is one original composition. Guardian Inferno plays during the credits, loosely based on the film. This funky disco number is performed by the Sneepers, who of course are not a masked band. While the Sneepers contributed most of the songs, they brought in David Haslehoff to sing. Guardians Inferno is just as stupid as any other member of the team.

#1 Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse

Sometimes I don’t know myself
Devil at my back, pray for me, I need help
Angel in the foreground trying to direct my steps
Who do you call when you need help?
Who do you call when you’re alone?
Who do you call when you feel sick?
I just want to scream, I just want to explode, I… I just want to let go

Let Prince Bo Young go.

Our number one superhero soundtrack is Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse.

Miles Morales is a very different Spider-Man than Peter Parker, so it makes sense that his soundtrack is different as well. Between hip-hop, rap and pop music, there are heroic scores and dark leitmotifs, and Nicki Minaj’s Family is a tribute to Miles’ Puerto Rican heritage.

Many songs show Miles coming to terms with Spider-Man’s death and the layered crisis he found himself in, including Hide, Scared of The Dark and Let Go. As Hero’s Journey progresses, he plays more upbeat songs like Invincible and Home. When Miles took on the role of Spider-Man, his theme song What’s Up, Danger?

The track Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee deserves a special mention. Although he only played part of his debut, he was the big hit on the soundtrack to In Spider-Verse, which debuted at #9 on the Billboard charts. It hit number one in the charts that month and remained in the top ten for 18 months.

What is your favorite superhero soundtrack? Is there one you like better than this? Tell us about it in the comments. We’ll be back with a third volume at some point.

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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