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Unearthly is a 1957 science fiction horror film by Boris Petroff [as Brooke L. Peters] (The Anatomy of a Psychopathy), based on a screenplay co-written by Jane Mann and John D.F. Black, with characters originally written by Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Director of Plan 9 from space; Ghouls’ Night; Glen of Glennda, etc.).

AB-PT Pictures has created a horror icon with John Carradine, Alison Hayes, Myron Healy, Sally Todd, Marilyn Buferd and Thor Johnson.

The score of the soundtrack was written by Henry Vars (House of the Damned, Hunting for Women, Leech Woman, Amazon Love Slaves). Carradin’s character, Dr. Charles Conway, also plays Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.


In his psychiatric institution, Dr. Charles Conway (John Carradin) experiments with artificial glands in an attempt to create longevity, but instead creates disgusting mutants. With his lackey Lobo (Thor Johnson) is Dr. Conway looking at the undercover agent who has decided to end the parade of monsters and madness?

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It should be a little more than just background noise for teenagers, but it’s better than that thanks to the miles of action and some decent makeup effects; the terrible consequences of Todd’s failed operation…are especially effective thanks to the work of the human make-up artist Harry Thomas, an unparalleled workaholic who has worked on countless films of this kind. 20/20 Film Reviews

Harry Thomas’ makeup on Dr. Conway’s horribly deformed human guinea pig is the only decent aspect of Not Much. AllMovie

…entertained me for 70 minutes. Not that it was particularly good, and certainly not original, but not meaningless. The actors’ skills are uneven but passable, science is usually stupid, there are a few funny (involuntary) moments, Harry Thomas’ FX makeup good and Dr Moreau’s island in the style of a surprisingly powerful shock final after a slow rise in power. A fucking pit of terror.

One of the great misery movies of the Drive and Clicks B era. John Carradine appears as a mad scientist who recruits patients for secret experiments – he has invented a new iron – which inevitably turns them into monsters and zombies. Thor Johnson, known for his roles in Ed Wood’s films, plays Lobo, a clumsy lab assistant, and the sexy Allison Hayes (Attack of a 50-foot Woman), a star in the role of the doctor’s latest discovery. Don’t miss the last two minutes of the scary! Burning celluloid

…is actually very attentive, thanks to his humour and the interesting selection of strange things that happen in a typical mountain house (with the laboratory of a mad scientist and a torture/prison cell). Besides Carradin (who pulls him to the doorknob and plays scary organ music for his guests for dinner) there is also Thor Johnson, who is sculpted in lobo and wears a stupid servant figure from several Ed Wood films. dvd-player

Thor Johnson even gets a few lines of dialogue, but he’s not as interesting as Dr. Conway’s shocking makeup victims. Sally Todd’s pasty wrinkles look like this, something on her face, in a hurry. A bunch of superfluous, hairy monsters in the basement would be more appropriate if Conway tried to create cavemen instead of immortals. DVD conversation

Alison Hayes does a little more than filling her costumes; she seems to be bored here, and for a woman dealing with fear, she never seems to be anything but calm. The film mainly resembles a faint imitation of Black Sleep […] A few scary moments really help, and the restless Harry Fleer zombie looks a bit like the Herc Harvey character at the shower carnival. Fantasy music films and wanderings

The various make-up designs were made in the 1950s by special effects artist Harry Thomas and are remarkable, although to some extent they resemble the creatures of the Isle of Lost Souls. Another wish was expressed by this colourful group: they are shown at the very end, and they do nothing but waver aimlessly. It would make perfect sense for Carradin to get his fair desert from these creatures – or force them into a long fight with the Lobo – but that doesn’t happen. The Hitless Wonder movie blog.

…Most of the film focuses on the interplay of tense relationships between the characters, while the film often resembles more one of the criminal dramas of the B era – a prisoner on the run, hiding in a house, a girl he loves, with whom he develops an interest, trying to find out the doctor’s secrets, and so on. Like a crazy science film, he stimulates the editing of clichés, but never lets the pot boil to its climax. Moria

Surprisingly, Carradine is a fairly effective villain in this low-budget range. It is more subtle and resists the urge to return to the usual overreaction. On several occasions Carradin raises his voice in anger, his dark side is indeed revealed. Tor Johnson, as Carradina’s assistant, is actually allowed to conduct a few lines of twisted dialogue. There are a few pictures of Allison Hayes in a low-cut nightgown that must have excited some moviegoers who had just entered puberty in 1957. Plan 9 Crisis

It’s interesting to note that in these kinds of films the mentally ill are treated with sympathy, while Conway suppresses the dangerous aspect of madness through his imperfect and exploitative work […] A little is not very good or well done, but it has a weak sense of amusement because it goes mechanically through the movements, and eventually an amusing sick revelation appears. Rotate the image

Despite the fact that the film was made cheaply, the script was quite decent and everyone accidentally gave a good performance, which made the film quite fascinating and sometimes even intriguing. It is not a cinematographic masterpiece, but there are films that are much worse than the candidates who made it in a very pleasant seventy-three minutes. A fantastic spirit

Warden: Brooke L. (Psychoanatomy) Peters has moved from the ominous location of the house and portrays a pleasant mix of claustrophobia and atmosphere… Finale, in which a couple of policemen enter Carradin’s basement and find a lot of garbage from the island of lost souls a bit confusing. But it gives the film a little more charm. Vacuum for video

The actors and characters:

John Carradin… Dr. Charles Conway
Myron Healy… Mark Houston (as Myron Healy)
Alison Hayes… Grace Thomas
Marilyn Bufferd… Dr. Sharon Gilchrist (as Marilyn Bufferd)
Arthur Batanides … Danny Green
Sally Todd… Natalie Andris
Thor Johnson… Lobo II
Roy Gordon… Dr. Lauren Wright
Guy Prescott… Police Captain George Reagan
Raymond Guth… Policeman Miller (as Raymond Guta)
Harry Flir … Harry Jedrow
Gloria Petroff… Woman screams
Paul McWilliams. Policeman Ed
Carl Johnson… Sample in the basement (not credited)

Shooting locations:

Quality studio, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Technical details :

73 minutes
black and white ratio
aspect ratio : 1.85 : 1
tone : Mono (Westrex recording system)

Most photo credits: A fantastic spirit

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