The season finale we should have seen much earlier last year is finally here! In the final part of season 10, we got a much deeper look at some characters like Carol, Princess, and even Maggie and how they deal with life after the whispers. Now we need to see the origin of Negan.

Let’s summarize!

Warning: Spoiler alert coming up!



The episode opens with Negan, still under the watchful eye of Maggie, continuing to help rebuild Alexandria. Carol removes him from the community at the council’s request and takes him to an abandoned cabin. He is officially banned from the community. Of course, she reminds him that remembering his history is more than he deserves. This is not a lie.

Only, he feels his old self beckoning, and he hates it. He finds his way to the place where he and the Saviors lost the war. There, remembering the time Michonne told him she had lost Lucille, he dug a shovel and finally found Lucille the bat.



Through flashbacks, we see Negan long before he became the dreaded Savior, ruling with an iron fist and a bat, and when his wife was still alive. He is caught by bikers trying to get back to his wife and refuses to reveal where he got the chemotherapy drugs.

Thinking back to the old days, he meets a group in an RV (which reminds us too much of Dale) who need help and don’t know how far they’ll go to get what they want. One of them is Laura, one of the first rescuers who later became a valued member of the communities. He admits he’s just looking for the next rehab for his wife. Things are getting tighter and tighter, and they don’t have many resources. The way he acts is very different from what he becomes later. Even more determined and desperate to deal with Lucille, he also struggles to kill the walkers because he doesn’t want to feel good about himself. We know how it works, of course.



When Lucille’s meds run out due to the generator’s death, Negan is desperate for more meds, but Lucille begs him to stop. For everything he had done in the past, for not being there for her when she found out she had cancer, for knowing he was cheating on her, he made amends. If these were her last months, she wanted only him around. She was proud and happy to be with the man he was now, and she did not regret it at all. A tough guy with one of the sweetest souls. Despite this, Negan manages to get himself treated during his trip and even gets a baseball bat, which later becomes Lucille.


Unfortunately, upon his return, he discovers that Lucille has committed suicide by overdosing on the remaining drugs and choking herself. So Negan didn’t have to put himself in danger for her or watch her die. Confronted by the walker – who only moans her spirit – he doesn’t kill her immediately.

Slowly Negan, who is so scared, comes to life. He wears the leather jacket Lucille gave him and wraps the bat Laura gave him in barbed wire. He takes a match and burns the house and everything in it, giving birth to Negan the Savior.

He is now reborn as a mortal man and realizes that he is capable of harming others. In his grief and seeing only red, Negan returns to finish off the bikers who threatened his life and prevented him from reaching his wife. Fortunately, he gets there before they kill the Doctor and Laura.


Time to grieve

In the present, Negan finally accepts his wife’s grief and destroys the bat by killing Walker. It’s not easy to make this peace, but eventually he gives up his old self. In the process, he returns to Alexandria, where Carol meets him at the door. He tells her that staying at the lodge won’t work. He puts himself in danger because Maggie plans to kill him one day. The grin on his face as they looked at each other confirmed that he welcomed her attempt. He’s no longer the old Negan who threatened and killed anyone who didn’t follow him, but he’s tired of walking on eggshells about his past.

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