Last week, in the Walking Dead… World Beyond, we got to know the characters and some of their stories (reported here), and although it’s been a bit slow, we really hoped to get some of them back this week. And he did it.

Well, let’s see. Walk the Gubitza-Walk the World - 1x02 Retrospect - Firefly from Off.jpg


The first murder is the most serious.

Iris (Aliya Royale) left the episode behind and didn’t quite succeed in killing her first walker. Yet she manages to shoot him with firm vomit. Honestly, the pride she feels is ridiculous. Hope (Alexa Mansour), on the other hand, struggles with her speed dial to kill this woman when she was younger.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×02-Review-“The-Blaze-of.jpg


These four people are still so naive as if they were on some kind of tour, but they are slowly starting to realize the seriousness of the journey they have undertaken, especially when they arrive at BOG: Gori’s fire. The persistent fire, which developed like a race/empty run, was attracted to her. It’s a pretty catchy name if you ask us, but we wouldn’t go there for the adventure.

The four of them decided to go all the way, which of course is a shitty idea, but the lessons they learned from Felix turned out to be very useful, and we are happy about that. But they’re stuck in the middle of a BOG and we wonder if they’re all going to make it, especially at the end, and Iris’ determination fades into fear, so it’s Hope trying to find a way out.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×02-Review-“The-Blaze-of.jpg


You can’t go home

Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Huck (Annette Mahendra) go to the Burger Republic headquarters hoping to catch up with Hope and others. During these two debates they wondered if the CD could be dangerous or if they just knew how to maintain order. It’s a debate because we’ve seen what they can do while Felix, Huck and many others are still in the dark. PD methods are cruel, but are they really trying to help? Or are they just mowing someone who doesn’t see things his way?‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×02-Review-“The-Blaze-of.jpg


A personal note: We have Felix’s flash when he was a teenager and his dad found out he was gay right before the flash. A broken heart, as evidenced by the fact that his father refused to accept it and then help him, is not unusual in the real world and therefore applies to those who experience it. Yet Felix abandoned them and came back when an epidemic broke out, or as they call it, the night the sky fell. But in the face of death, his parents still refuse to let him take them to a safe place. This moment in Felix’s history is completely devastating, but we’re glad he hasn’t deviated from what he is now. For many, a leader, a friend and a big brother.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×02-Review-“The-Blaze-of.jpg


When he walks around in his old neighborhood, he feels like he’s walking on too complicated a memory trail to follow, but he is. Moreover, he even manages to get home, albeit in the middle of the night, to kill his parents, who had been transformed so long ago. It’s a pity he didn’t do enough to protect them, which is clearly etched on his face. This is certainly the most difficult part of the episode, and we respect (and continue to respect) Nico, who did a phenomenal job on this episode.

Nature vs. walker/humanity

Throughout the episode, much was said and shown that nature is taking control of their world and mankind until the last few years. Elton’s (Nicholas Kantou) long speech to the Hope about the extinction of the dinosaurs and the possibility that mankind will become extinct much sooner than they are, is quite fascinating, even painful. It gives this apocalypse a unique scientific approach, and that’s not what we’ve seen so far. Of course there is a version of Resident Evil where zombies try to turn themselves into weapons, and there is a version where people just want to heal themselves, but it is more a vision of humanity living in this world of emptiness and escape than just trying to survive. However, the outlook is not very good. Walk the Goobie-Walk the World - 1x02 Review - Blaze OFF.


It’s a conversation that should have taken place, even if it’s unexpected for some teenagers. At some point you have to ask yourself that question, don’t you? Is this the end of us? The intrusion into such a subject really showed how serious it was.

At the end of the episode, Hope, who left a small trail for Felix, thinks she and the others, the Endlings, are painting and spraying. Poetic, isn’t it? Although this has something to do with Elton’s conversation, one cannot help but wonder if it has anything to do with his regret for killing that woman many years ago and his seemingly growing little desire to die. From their night tour to kill the void, which Silas (Hal Campston) can’t, Silas (Hal Campston) leaves his band to find a way out of BOG by freeing himself in the masses of the void. I hope Felix finds them soon, because these kids need help.

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