Last week for TWD: World Beyond, we said goodbye to Huck for a while after the Endlings worked together to cross the Mississippi, no matter what. This week they have to decide whether or not to trust a complete stranger when he offers to drive them in his truck. Walking in the world of Gubitsa -1×06 Sight - shadow puppets.


Once upon a time… It was a strange

The Endlings discover that they have been observed, but Felix (Nico Tortorella) catches a mysterious witness named Percy (Ted Sutherland). Frankly, we were wondering when a newcomer from the outside world would appear on them. While Félix and Espoir (Alexa Mansour) are waiting for him, Iris (Aliya Royal) offers him a meal.

Percy showed he was robbed by a group of blind men he thought he could trust. He also planned to give everything back and Elton (Nicholas Cantu) sympathised with him. Although Percy didn’t say they’d been kidnapped, he made it clear he’d get them back.

Some things just can’t be replaced. – Percy

It turns out that the truck has been stolen, and getting it back could mean that you will be with Father Iris and Hope much sooner.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×06-Review-“Shadow-Puppets”.jpg


Friend at the end of the world?

Percy met a possible friend of the Endlings. The more they got to know him, someone their own age, someone who could share his experiences, the more we wondered if that was all we saw in him. Hope, Silas and Felix didn’t trust him, and we didn’t know how to feel. After all, we just met this guy. Iris and Elton, on the other hand, were ready to make that jump.

Silas (Hal Campston) and Felix kept a close eye on Percy. When the truck was found, Felix refused to let one of the endogs intervene. Instead, he kept an eye on Felix, especially since they continued to have problems even after the difficulty of getting the truck. This is just a precarious situation in which the Endlings shouldn’t have been involved.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×06-Review-“Shadow-Puppets”.jpg



While the Endlings helped bring back Percy’s truck, Elton said he hoped to hand the job over to his mother as soon as he was ready. Really ambitious, if you ask us. He even said it was Iris and Father Hope who inspired him to complete the manuscript. But our heart beats very loud as we wait for the other shoe to fall, while Elton learns how his mother died.

Turning the truck around was easy, and Percy even gave the keys to Iris so she could follow him while he returned her stuff, but that left her a choice. Go back and help him, or let him die. It’s me, Iris. Of course she’s back! But when she did, she caught Percy and left them all with her driver and Uncle Tony (Scott Adsit), who played dead, and stole their things.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×06-Review-“Shadow-Puppets”.jpg


But all was not lost, because he came back for them when there were too many holes. The Endlings, Percy and his uncle barely escaped unharmed. But Iris doubted her instincts. Like Percy, we believe Iris’ instincts are not lacking. In fact, that’s why he came back for her and others in general. That makes her the leader of the Endlings. She sees the best in people. Even if it’s a weakness, we think it’s much stronger. Where others can only doubt, she seeks the good in others, and Percy saw it in her. That’s why he came back, and it found an ally for the cause.

The kick came when Tony asked for the CR comb on Felix’s jacket and showed that the truck he and Percy were driving was a CR truck. They have to refuel before they can cover considerable distances, and for that they have to make a dangerous stopover. Did that make you nervous? Because he did it for us.

We welcome you at the end of the world.

The end of the episode gave us and the Endlings something good. A unique puppet theatre that reminds everyone of the world of yesteryear. Lethargy too tragic and overwhelming in general. This work of art tells the story of the loss of the world and the rebirth that humanity can achieve. It really inspired us!

It wasn’t a typical death bow where strangers come to steal and mock and how they beat them. Percy and his uncle actually admit that they don’t want to hurt people, they just want to survive. Like their show at the end of this episode, they work as shadow puppets. Create a credible show so the others just disappear. We’re glad it’s not this time. Instead, it was a real show about how we met. Merge. It even made Felix a wish.

It is an episode that made us doubt the good will of others, but reminded us that there are good people. Not everyone is bad and doesn’t want to hurt others.

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