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Family is hell.

The Wrong House is an American horror film from 2013 about two families travelling to a remote estate open to buyers looking for a new home. Unfortunately, after discovering a girl with no tongue, they find out just as quickly that they can’t leave. Also known as house hunting.

Written and directed by Eric Hurt. In the production of Pillage and Plunder Pictures Mark Singer, Art LaFleur, Hailey DuMond and Janie Gioiosa are included.


When two families enter an abandoned farmhouse, they find that every attempt to leave brings them home. Trapped in purgatory, they are chased by a former owner who claims that only one clan can call the house.

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House Hunting is a movie you should definitely watch. There’s a lot of beauty in it. The critic’s attention shifted a bit because you could quickly see some of the formulas of former independent films, but it was an entertaining film after all. So order a murder and expect irresistible action from skilled filmmakers who just want to make you scream! Analysis 28 days later

There is […] a lot of tension when Hayes and the Thompsons try to coexist peacefully, only to come together when the nightmare continues. Moreover, from time to time a ghostly figure appears, which only deepens the mystery. Unfortunately, director Eric Hunt doesn’t do much to interest us in the whole film. 2,500 Film Contest

…Emerging director Eric Hurt is either lucky to have a skilled cast, or has the ability to mask the negatives of his film with a predominance of positives. (Probably both.) The dam is leaking, but a solid action and an interesting starting point will put an end to the mess. And although the foundation is a sign of the direction history is taking, it is not so predictable. The cultural crypt

The only real problem I had with The Wrong House was that some actors were a bit shaky, but for the most part they were pretty good, with actors like Art LaFleur and Beastmaster himself, Mark Singer, giving solid performances. But the most convincing performance is probably that of little Rebecca Kennedy, who doesn’t need dialogue in her role because she can’t or won’t and she has to represent everything visually, and she does that very well. Mud pit.

There is no fear, but there are many tense situations involving family members. The last series reminded me of The Shining, and in many ways these people are losing their minds because of the isolation. I also loved the trap of the man in the mouth of madness where, when you leave home, you go right back inside. Movie Mavis

…Despite its heavy execution, it’s probably more cinematic and compelling than countless other films released this year – no clever text, no multi-million-dollar computer graphics, just a story you sing along to, and a horror movie that’s actually as scary as the plague. The anarchy of the screen

The actors and characters:

Mark Singer… Charlie Hayes
Art LaFleur … Don Thomson
Haley DuMond… Susan Hayes (as Haley DuMond)
Janie Gioiosa … Emmy Hayes
Paul McGill… Jason Thomson
Rebecca Kennedy… Hannah
Victoria Vance… Leslie Thomson
John Cobb… Broker
Emma Raine Lyle … Lizzie Thomson
Pat Cassidy… Male #2 (as Patrick Cassidy)
Bridget Garwood… Broker
Jen Hines… Female (played by Jennifer Hines Hall)
Kevin O’Donnell … Man #
Adrienne Oliver… Jenna (as Andrienne Oliver)
David Rath … Youth

Shooting locations:

Charlottesville, Virginia.

Technical details :

102 minutes
Audio : Stereo Ratio : 2:40


Free online viewing of the film:


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