Young and Relentless Spoilers document that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) of Genoa Wisconsin wants Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) back. Now she’s letting romantic feelings about the past cloud her current judgment.

Billy was and still is a handful. It is going through a period of apparent stability. And yes, Lily Winters (Kristel Khalil) has a positive influence on him, as Victoria has so often done in the past. But these periods of time have always had an end.

Young and Restless – Billy Abbott brings the past to life

Can a die-hard Y&R fan dismiss the prediction that Billy will eventually discover something about Lily that will hurt him? No, of course not.

Lily, like Victoria, was very careful when it came to Billy. Khalil’s character dated him years ago, when they were young characters. But it wasn’t that personal memory that made Lily wonder if she wanted to do business with him. Instead, she is aware of her tumultuous personal history, which includes Willie’s ups and downs, as well as all of Billy’s other weaknesses.

Billy is impulsive. So if he thinks Lily has lost her confidence, that will be seen as insecurity. Billy used Lily as a basis for believing he was unwavering. When this perception is compromised or lost, Victoria positions itself as the return option.

Spoiler Y&R – Lily Winters is sold out

Jill Abbott Atkinson (Jess Walton) has asked Lily to co-lead Chance Com because she knows her son needs a stabilizing influence. You have to admit that Billy is not shy about admitting his mistakes. Although even this can be seriously labeled as a projection of self-indulgence.

Lily is a parent herself and appreciates Billy’s role as a father in her young children’s lives. She also knows that the loss of Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono) will always affect elements of her life.

All those things that fascinated Billy in the beginning have fascinated many women over time. Amanda Sinclair (Michael Morgan) is just a woman attracted by her free spirit. But after more or less a long time everyone seems to get tired of this overwhelming atmosphere.

Lily would probably run out of breath and then send him away.

Spoiler young and restless – Victoria Newman can’t help but love Willie

Willie’s concept is great. Two people who love each other. A comfortable family home, with two children who love it. In theory, that’s fine.

But in reality, being with Billy and maintaining a relationship with him, even if it was broken and reborn many times, was just something Victoria could do. She can’t help but like the idea of Willie and Billy herself.

Two options were presented as to how Victoria could get Billy back. But as loyal fans know, there are many other scenarios that could lead to the appearance of a new issue of Villy.

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