This week This Is Us showed that the big three still have a lot of work to do, and also gave us some teasing information to think about before the show comes back in January. Yeah, it’s till 5:00. January to wait for the next episode. It’s sad we can’t see the annual Thanksgiving episode. Although it would be painful to watch a drama, given that Randall and Kevin are still out there. 'This-Is-U'-5×04-Episode-Recap-Honestly.jpg Image via NBC

Speaking of Kevin, we’ve seen how much he’s been through. We’ve also seen what’s behind his behaviour and how he sees things without the big picture. Since he learned to cry to sleep, and even his whole life, his parents have always dealt with his needs differently. Jack always wanted to encourage his children to see how great they could be, while Rebecca wanted her children to breathe when things were not going so well.

Whether you agree or disagree with one of the parents, Jack didn’t make it in this episode. At one point he says that Kevin is soft, which can actually be heard in nursing homes. Jack may have the right idea for the success of their children, but he does it by just wanting to be a father who takes care of them and makes sure they breathe.

All Jack’s commentary does is lead Kevin to Randall’s door. After his brother had used rainbow cards during training, he decided to see if this method could be suitable for him in football training. Randall actually helps his brother by surprising Rebecca, who seizes a moment of brotherhood that we know is rare.

When we see young Kevin and Randall working together as adults, we miss their connection even more, but at this point they’re not in the right place to work things out. In this episode Kevin struggles with his acting because he doesn’t know what the director wants from him and wants to hear it from him. The director gives him some advice on how to work for greatness without being overwhelmed. 'This-Is-U'-5×04-Episode-Recap-Honestly.jpg Image via NBC

He’s still trying to find out, he calls Kate to talk to her and she says he’s arguing with Randall. That’s where Kevin tends to miss the big stuff. He doesn’t realize that Randall might have been the center of his parents’ attention, but he doesn’t realize that Randall still had a part of himself that he had to go through on his own. Randall spoke briefly about how he had to get along with young Kevin because he was the only black boy in the school, but young Kevin didn’t know what Randall was saying, let alone what he was saying.

Kevin sees things only as a brother whose needs may not be fully met as he grows up. He needs to understand all of Randall’s life experiences if he wants to communicate and work with him. And we know Kevin wants to do well. It’s a journey he has to take and one he really has to think about. As we’ll see later, Randall has influenced the way Kevin learned the role, as he still uses flash cards today.

Speaking of Randall, he made that trip himself. Malik keeps an eye on her at the office, which she already finds funny and boring, even though she hides the first one as a teenager, from her father of course. Malik does everything he can to concentrate, but at one point, when he gets a phone call about his little girl, he gets tired and only has half as much fun. This is the part where Randall goes live on Facebook with his constituents. If Malik misses the signal to cut the power, everyone, including Beth, Dja and Tess, gets the chance to see Randall change for a race. 'This-Is-U'-5×04-Episode-Recap-Honestly.jpg Image via NBC

Despite the fact that it was an embarrassing moment for Randall, it leads to Malik’s heart. While Randall wants him to take this day seriously, Malik reminds him he has a daughter to worry about. Randall understands this and also reminds Malik not to let her dreams fly away. He wants Malik to pass for a little girl. Randall also agrees to give Malik an internship they know will drive the service crazy.

Randall may not be ready to laugh at the video, but he won’t have a chance to get it if he finds out from Jae Won that she’s gone viral. Right before he started changing, Randall mentioned his biological father by name in the video. This video was watched by the Vietnamese grandfather we saw in the last episode and again links Randall’s story to his biological mother.

We’re still not sure where Laurel is, but now that he’s been seen by someone connected to him. Their story’s getting closer, and we can’t wait.

As for daughter Katie, she has her own development on her first adoption trip. She’s gonna take Ellie to the doctor, and she’s even gonna call the baby Chloe. That immediately caused people to be arrested because we know from the future with Jack that he had a sister named Haley. 'This-Is-U'-5×04-Episode-Recap- Honestly.jpg Image via NBC

If Ellie has a weird reaction to a name, Kate’s worried she can’t handle it. Turns out Ellie’s got a bad connection to Chloe’s name. Have you ever seen someone completely ruin your name? We can smell them. Despite her fears about what happened in her life, Ellie is sure she wants Toby and Kate to adopt her baby.

Looks like it’s going well now. Of course, as we know, anything can happen at this fair, so we’re still not sure if the adoption is really going to go away. Kate then surprised us with new information about her own journey. By talking to Ellie, she made Toby say something she’d never told anyone, not even his mother and brothers.

By the time Kate came out of an abusive relationship, she would have taken a pregnancy test at the age of 18. Although discerning fans tweeted that the first test she did was an ovulation test. So it was either a defect in the props or a big foot. 'This-Is-U'-5×04-Episode-Recap-Honestly.jpg Image via NBC

There was so much to unpack and so much to learn about the Pearsons. We can’t wait for the show to come back to find out exactly what happened, what Kate was hiding from her family. Will she tell them now that Toby knows?

At this stage we can only speculate and wait for the show to come back. See you in January. That’s us!

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