“Tommy”-Shepherd-Speed-–-Whos-Who.jpg Things are even more complicated than usual on WandaVision, and the brand new Halloween Spooktacular! episode introduces many new characters, and just as many speculations and hypotheses. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the Halloween costumes of the happy family: little Tommy Maximoff, still represented by Jett Kline, displays a replica of his Uncle Pietro’s costume, and even shows how his trademark, super-speed, comes about during the episode. It foreshadows his transformation into Speed, a pseudonym that in the comics belongs not to Tommy Maximoff, but to his (possible?) reincarnation Tommy Shepard. Let’s look at it together.

Tommy Shepard was born in Springfield, New Jersey, the only son of Frank and Mary Shepard. When he was very young, Tommy’s parents divorced, and from then on the boy almost lost his sense of discipline and independence. He grew up as a juvenile delinquent and stayed in and out of juvenile homes throughout his teenage years. Then things got “a little” out of hand when he discovered he was“Tommy”-Shepherd-Speed-–-Whos-Who.jpg a super-fast mutant and accidentally vaporized his entire school, losing control of his super-fast swinging skills. This time Tommy is locked up in a very special juvenile prison, a super-secret facility with security droids, super-controlling guards, wet collars and security cells. There, he and the other inmates experimented with a dubious and secret project to turn them into living weapons. Tommy was held captive for months until the Young Avengers found him: The New Vision actually used the Avengers Security program created by the old Vision to find overpowered teenagers who had ties to the Avengers to recruit them to their team and help them free their teammate Hulkling, who was a prisoner of the Empire Kree. When the Young Avengers retrieved Tommy from his cell, it immediately became clear that something strange was going on: Tommy was almost identical to one of them, a Wiccan, so much so that they could easily be mistaken for twins; moreover, his powers, gray hair and, unfortunately, his demeanor resembled those of Quicksilver, although Tommy denied any connection to the Avengers’ speedster. Anyway, all speculation was interrupted when the guards tried to arrest the fugitive: now that he was free, Tommy made them work fast, and only the intervention of Hawkeye and Patriot kept him from brutally beating up the guards or the doctors he found. They offered him the opportunity to join their team to free another prisoner, and Tommy, who had always dreamed of being a superhero, gladly accepted the offer.

The first mission with the Young Avengers took Tommy Shepard into space where he fought the Kree Sentinels and even Super Scroll, but as difficult as it was, it was also successful and Hulkling was released. Back on Earth, Tommy finally joined the Young Avengers and chose Speed Moniker. He immediately took his new role seriously and played a key role in foiling the Zodiac’s attack on the United Nations. During the Civil War, Speed and the other Young Avengers sided with Captain America against the Superhuman Registration Act and managed to defeat another team of teenage superheroes, the Runaways, forming a close bond with Molly Hayes, who became a sort of sister to him. On this occasion, Speed again took the risk of crossing the line“Tommy”-Shepherd-Speed-–-Whos-Who.jpg , when Marvel Boy captured Wiccan, Caroline Dean, Hulking and Xavin and led them to The Cube, where Warden was experimenting with cruel practices that Speed knew all too well: When both teams managed to free their comrades, Speed would have killed Warden had Hulking not stopped him. During all this time, Wiccan had repeatedly asked about his true connection to Speed, telling him that all the information he had found pointed in one direction: the scarlet witch, who had disappeared at the time. Curious about her true origins, Speed decided to help Wiccan in his investigation. After searching for Genosha and Vandagore, the two Young Avengers ended up in Cresskill, New Jersey, where the visionary witch had lived when they were married. There they found Master Pandemonium, who immediately realized that Wiccan magic was the same as Scarlet Witch magic. The rogue told them the story of the Scarlet Witch’s “sons,” Billy and Tommy, who were forged by Mephisto’s soul fragments, then killed by Master Pandemonium himself before being brought back to life by a reborn Archidemon. According to Master Pandemonium, they were both the reincarnation of these magical babies, but he warned them to be happy with who they are in the present without digging too deeply into the past. Speed somehow agreed with him, but Wiccan wanted to know everything and find his “real” mother. ….

Tommy Shepard is quite a character, with different angles: a brash and impulsive teenager, with a bad attitude and quite an ego, often characterized by arrogance and boastful claims… But he is also very loyal to his friends and has his heart in the right place. As Speed, he is incredibly fast, rivaling his “uncle” Quicksilver, and his body has adapted to his super speed: he has superhuman reflexes, stamina and strength, and his legs are strong enough to push a ton. He can also accelerate the molecules in his body to the point where he can pass through solid objects, and he can also vibrate fast enough to blow up anything he comes into contact with. One of the fastest people in the world, Speed lives in the moment, never worrying about the future or the past. Even though the past seems to be the only thing that follows him fast enough everywhere he goes.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the father of Wiccan and Speed?

In his story, he discovers that he and Wiccan, the magical teenage hero, are in fact long-lost twin brothers, and that both are the sons of the scarlet witch and her husband Vision. Tommy appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series WandaVision (2021), starring Jett Kline.

Who has super speed at Marvel?

The god of Olympus, Hermes, who has his roots in Greek mythology, has incredible speed, super strength, flying power and immortality, among other things. He did not appear in many Marvel stories in recent decades – he was more prominent in the 1950s.

Who is Vikkan’s brother?

Wiccan (comics) – Wikipedia

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