Last week on WandaVision we left Wanda suddenly (and magically?) when she was four months pregnant, right in front of the world around her and her husband full of color. In the feature film that followed the series, we also saw for the first time the twins she is expecting…. and comic book readers know that tragedy is just around the corner for these two. Wanda’s sons are named Tommy and Billy, and not only were they extremely short-lived (aside from possible reincarnations), but they died horribly, contributing significantly to the deterioration of Wanda’s mental state that would lead her to the Dismantled Avengers and the House of M a few years later. If you want to avoid possible spoilers for the series, stop reading, otherwise let’s see who these kids are and why they’re so important.

The birth of Thomas and William Maximoff could not have been more improbable, but their mother ultimately rendered the word probability meaningless in every action. When mutants Scarlet Witch and android Vision fell in love, they left the Avengers to try to live a normal family life together and struggled to make it to Leonia, New Jersey. Here, however, Scarlet felt that something was missing in their relationship, and so unconsciously (?) she used her powers to increase the non-existent possibilities for her and Vision to make children: As a result, she became pregnant with twins, and a few months later, Dr. Strange helped her deliver the boys in Attilan, the city of cruelty on the moon. This event was strange and unlikely, but the surface as a hidden reality was even stranger and much darker: Searching for a spark of life to ignite in her children, Scarlet’s powers intercepted two powerful souls roaming the void and made her sons their own. These souls were actually fragments of the essence of the life of Mephisto, the Demon Lord, who was killed by Franklin Richards, the incredibly powerful son of Mr. Fantastic and the invisible woman, was defeated and banished to oblivion. The scarlet witch truly believed that her powers had worked a miracle and allowed her to conceive her beautiful twins, but deep down she knew that they were merely magical constructs of her will…., but she herself did not understand the true nature of these constructs. Tommy and Billy, on the other hand, had grown up with their parents and acted like normal kids, normal babies in a way. When the retired heroes returned to fight and joined the West Coast Avengers, the twins moved with them to join the Avengers near Los Angeles, California.

Tommy and Billy were surrounded by love and affection, with frequent visits from their uncles Quicksilver and Wonder Man, and even their grandfather Magneto tried to repair his relationship with his daughter for their sake. As the Scarlet Witch lost her concentration, it became increasingly difficult. Since she and Vision were often on missions together, Scarlet left the children with the babysitter, but the children suddenly disappeared, leaving it to babysitter to send out an alert and call the parents back. When Scarlet arrived, the children were in their beds. This event was repeated several times, and even more so after Vision was disassembled and reconfigured as an emotionless android, leaving his wife alone. Scarlet dismissed nanny after nanny until her mentor Agatha Harkness introduced herself and made her understand that children only exist when she thinks about them, and that they disappear when she can’t, not even for a split second. Before the witch could learn this truth, the wizard Pandemonium appeared, kidnapped the babies and took them to hell. The West Coast Avengers pursued them, but by the time they got there, it was too late: Master Pandemonium recognized two fragments of his lost soul in the children and took them in. The babies were now his monstrous hands, always sensitive but bent to his evil will. In the next battle, Agatha Harkness and the Human Torch provided Master Pandemonium with the last two fragments of his soul and destroyed him: The sorcerer was in fact the living rejection of Mephisto, and the fragmented soul he recovered was in fact demonic. When the West Coast Avengers escaped from hell, Agatha erased all memories of her children from the scarlet witch’s mind to save her from the senseless pain that inevitably followed the ordeal. But how can a mother forget her children?

Tommy and Billy Maximoff are normal, curious and playful kids, always laughing at the life they are just beginning to learn. Apparently they inherited the X gene from their mother and are therefore mutants, but whatever their capabilities are, they are still too young to manifest them. Magnetic and beautiful, Tommy and Billy represent a scarlet witch’s hope for a normal, happy family, a dream that may exceed even her abilities….


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