The third season of Thundercats Roar, a series which brings a new take on the classic 1980s cartoon Thundercats, has been cancelled. However, while the fans of the series are disappointed, there is still hope for them. The series has been renewed for an animated movie, which is being made by Warner Bros. Many still hope that this movie will be the series’ second season.

The Cartoon Network announced today that they have officially cancelled Thundercats Roar Season 2. The decision was made after the failure of Thundercats Roar Season 1 to meet the network’s expectations. The reason for the cancellation? Not enough viewers.

The good news about Thundercats Roar! Season 2 being cancelled is that you can still watch the first season, which is available on Netflix. The bad news is, it’s probably pretty bad.

Thundercats Roar Season 2

Are you excited for the upcoming Thundercats Roar season? You may be aware that it was officially discontinued after the first season. Halpern-Graser, the show’s writer and producer, announced on November 20, 2020 that the episode Mandora Saves Christmas would be the show’s last episode.

The Roar of the Thundercats:

Thundercats Roar Season 2

It is an American television series that premiered on Cartoon Network on February 22, 2020 and ended on December 5, 2020. The series was created by Warner Bros. and is the third television series in the Thundercats franchise, after the original series, the 2011 television series, and the 2020 television series Thundercats roar.

This television series follows the original series, in which the Thundercats leave their homeland or homeworld to settle on the 3rd Earth in order to rescue the planet from the horrors and villains that stand in their path.

The majority of the baddies on this third Earth are headed by Mumm-Ra, and all thundercats must battle with him. It’s a lighthearted animation with a lighthearted comedic tone. However, after the first season, it is canceled for the second.

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Is Season 2 of Thundercats Roar on the way?

Thundercat Roar will not be renewed for a second season since it was cancelled after the first.

Is Roar of the Thundercats a Bad Thing?

Yes, this is a terrible program. It is not worth viewing in my opinion, and you will be troubled within the first two minutes of watching the program.

Even the villain of the Thundercats, who seems to be an idiot, has an IQ of less than 60. As a result, don’t spend your time viewing the show.

What is the reason for the cancellation of Thundercats Roar?

Thundercats Roar Season 2

Although there is no official reason for the network’s decision, the Thundercats scream has been canceled for the next season owing to poor viewership and toy sales.

Where can I watch Season 1 of Thundercats Roar?

If anybody wants to see the first season of these Cartoon Network shows, they may do so right here:

  • You may watch the program for free on Cartoon Network.
  • With a Hulu Premium Subscription.
  • By signing up for a YouTube membership.
  • It’s just $0.99 to rent it on Apple TV.
  • By subscribing to Sling TV, you may watch Last.

What are your thoughts on ThunderCats Roar?

Thundercats Roar Season 2


If you look at the ratings on IMDB, you’ll see that it only has a 2.2 out of 10 rating, which is terrible for the program, the producers, and even the fans who are looking forward to the next season or further developments.

The highest rated episodes of this Thundercats roar are episodes 7 and 16, both of which had a maximum rating of 3.1, which is insufficient to keep the program on the air.

In comparison to the audience’s expectations, this animation, action comedy, and scientific series didn’t provide much. According to the ratings and reviews, it is a waste of time.

Some of the user evaluations for this program include “soulless wikipedia cartoon,” “awful,” “the worst replica of the original animation,” and “why does this show exist?”

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On the website Rotten Tomatoes,

On rotten tomatoes, an audience score of 18 percent is given out of 40 user reviews. If you’re interested in hearing what the audience had to say about the first season of Thundercats Roar, I’ll tell you what they had to say.

This program has received mixed reviews, so I’ll start with the good ones, which include the following: Thundercats is a cute program with lighthearted episodes, according to another user, and it has excellent animation with delightful episodes.

Now, some critical remarks are squandering money on the program, creating strife about why the relaunch was completed and why the show is a bad show with awful animation.

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Last Words

So, based on the ratings and reviews of this Thundercats Roar, you can decide whether or not you want to watch the series. And this may be the cause for the second season’s cancellation. If you want to read more anime series, go to to get the finest and most relevant anime articles in your area of interest.

In a world where remakes, reboots, and sequels are the norm, the final nail in the coffin for the Thundercats Roar series can only be put down by one thing: lack of demand. Not being a huge fan of the Thundercats franchise, I watched the first season of Thundercats Roar Season 2 when it was first broadcast. However, unlike its ancestors, Thundercats Roar Season 2 seems to be purposely avoiding the more popular trends of the modern television industry.. Read more about thundercats roar rotten tomatoes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Cartoon Network cancel ThunderCats Roar?

Yes, ThunderCats Roar was canceled by Cartoon Network.

Will there be ThunderCats Roar Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is no ThunderCats Roar Season 2.

Why ThunderCats Roar Cancelled?

ThunderCats Roar was cancelled due to the shows low ratings.

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