Despite the fact that is now owned by Alibaba, they still launch new games every year. The following list of upcoming games will be released in 2021 and are expected to run on blockchain-powered platforms or with cryptocurrency involved. These include titles like CryptoKitties 2, Infinitum, Aces High 3D Chess Tournament, Lotto Raffle Simulator 20XXVIII (with an ICO), World War Z Apocalypse 2020: Free for All Edition (a mobile game).

The “digital entertainment group” is an outstanding company that has been around for a while. The company has made some of the most popular games in the world, including “Minecraft”.


This year, we were granted accreditation to cover TIFFCOM, the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Film Market (TIFF). This event will take place in person from November 1st to 3rd, but the online version will be available until the end of the month. Today, we’ll discuss the most noteworthy actions and businesses.

What is a Film Market, and how does it work? Film Markets are mainly business meetings for industry professionals (producers, financiers, distributors, festival directors, agencies, press, and public organizations) (selling or buying film rights for distribution, sign co-production agreements, showcase their projects, etc). Film Markets are ideal venues for networking, seminars, workshops, and round tables where you may learn and develop career-related skills and talents.

What’s the deal with TIFFCOM? The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), Japan’s only international film festival certified by the International Federation of Film Producers Association, is linked with TIFFCOM, Asia’s biggest content market. The market, which features a diverse range of content holders from cinema, television, and animation, has piqued the attention of key buyers from Asia and beyond.

In recent years, the number of exhibitors that not only sell finished material but also negotiate commercial prospects on IP (Intellectual Property) rights and book adaptations has increased. TIFFCOM, as the marketplace leveraging enterprises on visual entertainments, will continue to expand and provide more successes by increasing the number of meetings linked to cinema, animation, games, and other audio-visual products.


– Gap-Financing Market in Tokyo (TGFM) In the second session of the Tokyo Gap-Financing Market, 20 proposals were chosen. We show their presentation videos to you. All of the projects are at the fundraising stage, with more than half of the total money secured.

– What is Tokyo Docs 2021 all about? The goal of this session is to provide TIFFOCM2021 attendees a general understanding of Tokyo Docs. At the 2021 event, they will present a video that highlights the core of the pitching proposal as well as a short documentary showcase to decision makers from Japan and overseas. Mayu Hirano is a member of the panel (RITORNELLO FILMS LLC) Tae Yamamoto is the moderator (PAONETWOKR Inc.)

– Insight from Korea on Borderless Creativity KOCCA is hosting a lecture with Korean business experts. Part 1: Industry-Leading Production’s IP Development Strategy Part 2: Beyond local: Content strategy from a leading local OTT provider Ryu BongRyul (STUDIO DRAGON), Lee Heejoo are among the speakers (Content Wavvee Corp.)

– Original Japanese Content The freshest and most enticing material that Japan’s main TV stations have concentrated on this season is introduced. Chaewon Chloe Kim (Kansai Television Co. Ltd.), Masahiko Furukawa (Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation), Miho Takashima (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.), Moe Kanzaki (Nippon Television Network Corporation), Maha Ito (Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) – Mathieu Bejot (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.), Moe Kanzaki (BEAJ)

– Netflix: Breaking Out New Titles — From Asia to the World How did “Squid Game” and “Alice in Borderland,” both from Asia, become worldwide hits? Netflix believes that great stories spread throughout the globe and that everyone should have access to them. This session will concentrate on Netflix’s content strategy and how their platform aids in bringing tales from Japan and other Asian nations to viewers in over 190 countries and territories worldwide. Michael Smith (Netflix Vice President of Content) and Kaata Sakamoto (Netflix Vice President of Content) are among the panelists (Producer Content Innovation NETFLIX)


Pavilion of ASEAN We emphasize the Philippines’ presence through GMA Network, TBA Studio, and the FDCP’s presence (Film Development Council of the Philippines)

Thailand’s content Thailand has 15 audiovisual content production and distribution enterprises.

Pavilion of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) The largest pavilion, with 25 audiovisual content producers and distributors. CJ E&M, JTBC Studios, MBC, SBS, and Why Not Medi are among the companies we feature.

Pavilion KOFIC Contents Panda (NEW), Ides Distribution PTE, More in Group, and Under Sixty are some of the firms involved. With B.I.G NAFF, the Bucheon International Film Festival (BIFAN) will have their own film market and gathering.

With 15 TV firms offering the greatest material for the small screen, the NNC Pavilion (Japanese Content for TV) is the place to be.

Pavilion of Taiwan This will result in the presentation of eight businesses.

Screeners The following productions will be discussed this month:

1635804577_620_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Ze Liu’s Being Mortal – China | 2020 – 97 minutes Xiaoran Tang, Hongjing Zhang, Kunmian Li, and Xiaofei Shi star.

1635804579_557_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Anne / Hio Miyazawa / Toshiki Seto / Shosuke Tanihara / Yukie Nakama | Fake Affair – Japan | TV Series

1635804581_357_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Angel Teng’s Fragrance of the First Flower – Taiwan | 2021 – 103 minutes ZaiZai Lin, Lyan Chen, and Yi Lee star in this film.

1635804583_703_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Kim Jin-Kim yeoul’s Jong-boon of Wangshimni – Korea | 2021 – 102 minutes Kim Jong-boon, Kim Kuelim, and Kim Jungsu are among the cast members.

1635804585_572_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Masaki Suda / Kasumi Arimura / Ryunosuke Kamiki / Taiga Nakano / Kotone Furukawa | Life’s Punchline – Japan | TV Series Cast: Masaki Suda / Kasumi Arimura / Ryunosuke Kamiki / Taiga Nakano / Kotone Furukawa

1635804587_859_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Yuka Yasukawa’s The Nighthawk’s First Love – Japan | 2021 – 98 minutes Rena Matsui, Ayumu Nakamura, and Risa Oda star.

1635804590_120_TIFFCOM-2021-%E2%80%93-Actividades-y-Empresas-destacadas-%E2%80%93Lina Yang’s The Spring Tide – China | 2019 – 128 minutes Lei Hao and Elaine Kam star in this film.

Please visit for additional details on this event.



The “deg tech ops awards” is an award that is given to outstanding companies and individuals in the industry of technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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