19. In March, Addison Rae released her first song, accompanied by a stunning video in which she shows off some of her moves while looking sexy in an array of outfits from white to black. The young girl has already built a fan base on TikTok, a fan base that she hopes will adopt her music like they adopt her famous videos on TikTok.

Rae is certainly no newcomer, but with the release of her single, she is rediscovering herself to the world as a musician. She is also working on her acting career and is one of the two main characters featured in the Netflix remake of She’s All That, titled He’s All That.

Addison Ray News – A song about loving yourself

The song is uptempo with a catchy beat that is hard to get out of your head, especially when she sings that catchy tune: I’m just as obsessed with myself as you are.

To celebrate her song, she also appeared on 102.7KIISFM to talk about her very first single, which she has been working on for a while, and other things related to her new career choice. She also talked about the creative process of writing the song, admitting that the song started with a story she told in the studio before working to turn it into a song. She also stated that she thinks the song is something that everyone should feel or work towards.

She really wants to be involved in every part of the process, from songwriting to recording, and doesn’t want to be one of those artists who sing whatever they get. From the beginning, I wanted to make sure I was writing my own music, she says. I remember writing lyrics as a kid and trying to figure out how to make a song out of it, [now] I’m learning every detail and with great songwriters.

But TikTok doesn’t let her down so easily, as she dances in the video sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded by other dancers.

She also admitted that what she wants most from her work as an artiste is to perform on stage: Being on stage is an important part of an artist’s life. It will be fun to share with the world what I have loved all my life and hopefully surprise people who didn’t know this was a part of who I really am.

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Addison Ray is a reaction to the song.

Twitter must have a twisted sense of humor, because a lot of people there didn’t think the vocals were their thing and the song just sucked. The internet is always known for being brutal, but honestly, I want people to know this song is good. Then rewind to YouTube and people will say: It was really good, I was starting to think it would be bad thanks to Twitter.

The video is attracting a lot of viewers and is in full swing, only time will tell if this royal type of Lords will be strong. But one thing is clear: she is obsessed with her fans.

frequently asked questions

Addison Ray wrote the song?

Addison Rae’s first single falls All About Addison Rae So she wrote the theme song for it. You say you’re obsessed with me / So I took a second / And said: Me too, she said as the pace slowed. Whispering a la Selena Gomez, with the dance party breakup, Rae’s pop debut was a total surprise to fans.

How much does Addison Ray get for Tic Tac?


Has Addison Ray lost his TikTok?

The 14th. In August, Addison Ray’s TikTok was removed from the platform, causing panic among many fans. While Forbes just announced that TikTok is the world’s highest earning provider, the platform that started it all for Addison disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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