For those who do not want to sprinkle their holiday pleasure with an evil act of revenge?

Charles Bronson’s mind floats like smoke above the coin (2018) and cleans the barrel of a newly fired .32 revolver. The action fantasy directed by Pierre Morel (2008), starring Jennifer Garner, did not impress the critics, but surprised action fans with its vengeful violence and effective storytelling style.

Strangely enough, the coin was ridiculed to such an extent that it became totally obscure at a time when film activists were fighting the system with strong, independent women. Luckily Netflix picked it up recently and just in time for the holiday. For those of us who are celebrating the season with Die Hard and the American invasion, you can now add a mint lollipop to our watch list for Yultide! It takes place on 21 December and serves as a festive backdrop to demonstrate the massacre and chaos on the screen.

After her husband and daughter are shot for no reason and the killers are released after a mock trial, Riley North de Garner goes to work on it, Batman starts learning on the street, learns the range of the guns and even finds time to do MMA on the side. Five years later, she returns to apply her new skills and experience in the criminal world of Los Angeles. She also accidentally takes action to motivate a drunk, losing father to become a better father. It really is a whole story of self-improvement and social justice after a tragic loss.

The best action films to watch during the holidays

Why hate? Well, that’s problematic….

Perhaps the critics rolled their eyes on another death-will imitator when the premiere of Eli Roth’s remake took place the same year and two John Wick films spent their nights under neon light. Perhaps the image of a normal, loving mother in the first act did not match his life experience. The bad guys were mostly cartel members and bandits, not whites, although Riley North ruthlessly balances his type of social and criminal justice.

Peppermint is an imperfect film, but too many critics couldn’t get past these insults when they wrote reviews from their weak banks. It was just too pointless and sadistic gangs like the RS-13 couldn’t run through our pristine inner streets. These things exist from the sofa and beyond the bubble, and sometimes the legal system is terribly inadequate to deal with them, so the film scored much higher with the unwashed, mass-produced films that went to the cinema. Among professional critics he got an unfortunate 12% on rotten tomatoes, but the audience got a much more realistic score of 71%.

After overcoming the absurdity of the superficial problem, there are legitimate questions about the story and character that prevent it from being truly definitive. Even after years of mental and physical training, it is still hard to believe that Mrs North is capable of pulling three criminals six meters from the Ferris wheel, for example. We don’t even see how she’s preparing for a fateful day that will lead to three dozen murders. Maybe it would be good for her character to spend more time with her on this trip. This time one could have borrowed from unfortunate policemen who miraculously and almost immediately discovered what was going on, even though they were relatively useless for 90% of the race.

Mel Gibson is Santa Claus in Fat Man (2020).

Extreme cruelty and beauty

If you can fill these holes enough to make a few logical moves, you’ll have a lot of fun with 102 minutes of well-dispersed firearms, stabbings and explosions. Pierre Morel shares with other European directors of his genre a style of action that shows a particular beauty and sophistication in the face of brutal violence. It’s an almost artistic house style, but with the fun and excitement of the 90’s classics, making it fun to make popcorn.

Compare the colorful, atmospheric gunfire in the struggling Pinyat Factory with the Mardi Gras, the struggling Hard Target Tank Factory. Riley North even correctly carries out a fully automated attack on the crime boss’s premises and knocks the boss down during a maneuver. In addition to these well-known trophies, the motivation of the North is well-founded and Garner delivers a delectable performance that balances cracked handcuffs with plausible femininity. Her maternal instincts are everywhere, which despite her extreme transformation are at the centre of her character.

There are a few elements here and there to continue, but there are still many elements and ideas to embrace in the Coin Tree. I don’t think we’re going to get a John Wick of Task-style franchise, but this inclusion of women in the Vengeance of the Action sub-gender deserves more respect than it has in the last two years. Hopefully Peppermint and his charisma will find an audience on Netflix, especially among those of us who enjoy a crazy action movie with our hearts and our fists clenched in our muscles.

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