We have collected the 20 best films shown during the current closure and isolation of the house. With so many great Christian films, we had to make a difficult decision, but we chose some of our favorite movies that are entertaining, inspiring, encouraging and invigorating. We have also selected films that are available in the UK and US and, we hope, worldwide.

  1. Beyond The Mask
    Beyond The Mask is a beautiful historical action/adventure film that conveys the message that true freedom lies in Jesus, as well as the high quality production that one might think might come from a large Hollywood studio, but it was actually made by independent Burns Family Studios.
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  2. War Room
    War Room is the most daring, spiritual and evangelizing film of the Kendrick brothers. It will inspire you, challenge you and change your prayer life. It shows us and reminds us that prayer is a powerful weapon.
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  3. Do you believe it?
    is an exciting film, full of action and on the edge of the drama of your place, with twists and turns, it takes you on a journey through the lives of a dozen people, they all experience different things, but in the end they all experience the power of the cross of Christ. It’s an exciting and fascinating film, but it’s much more than just a film, it’s powerful, it builds faith and raises questions, and one of those questions is the one we all have to answer in our lives: Do you believe him? Do you believe him? It’s a movie to watch.
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  4. Woodlawn
    Woodlawn movie you should see, it is one of the best movies right now and definitely one of the best Christian movies. Woodlawn is a film for such an era.
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  5. Unbezahlbar
    Unbezahlbar is beautifully told, filmed and acted, with an exciting and thrilling story, it is really rare and is one of the best films of the moment. There are many twists and turns in this film, and it is really scary to the end, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, forced and emotional, and it makes people aware, it encourages us never to lose hope, never to lose faith even in the darkest moments, and to listen to the voice of God and know that you are invaluable and that women and they should be treated with respect. Priceless is a great movie to watch.
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  6. Bold will make you laugh, cry and encourage, it is emotional and humorous and full of energy, with a few twists and turns you will be on the edge of your seat challenging and inspired to be the Father to whom God has called you. It’s a movie to watch.
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  7. Breakthrough
    Breakthrough is an incredible, emotional and exceptional film that you can watch with all your family and friends. It’s encouraging and inspiring, and you know miracles happen today.
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  8. Pilgrim’s Progress
    Clear, exciting and dramatic, you sit in your seat to witness a Christian spiritual journey. Book lovers and even those who have not even read the book will be attracted to it, which will influence their faith and encourage us to remain faithful to Christ, even if the road is difficult. You have to see it and not miss it.
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  9. RISEN
    RISEN is an impressive film that will inspire, entertain and influence you with its unique and compelling story about the death and resurrection of Jesus.
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  10. I Can Only Imagine
    I Can Only Imagine is an extremely powerful forgiveness film. The story behind the song really brings the changing message of forgiveness, hope and salvation that only Jesus can offer in real life. It is a powerful testimony to a song that has brought hope to millions of people and will continue to do so in this film.
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  11. Overkomer
    Overkomer is a powerful family film that encourages us to seek our identity in Christ, not our peaceful identity, but the way Christ sees us. Don’t miss this movie. He should see it.
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  12. God’s Not Dead 2
    With special performances by Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe and performances by Lee Strobel and J.J. Hart. Warner Wallace, who adds real power to the film with God’s Not Dead 2, is well produced and extremely relevant, exciting, dramatic and powerful. The film should examine the evidence of Jesus’ existence and courageously defend our faith.
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  13. Case of Christ
    The poster for the film Case of Christ is a fantastic, inspiring, life-changing story that follows journalist Lee Strobel’s conversion from atheism to Christianity.
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  14. The Face of Giants is a fascinating, heartbreaking and inspiring family film that encourages us to seek and trust God in all circumstances, no matter what we go through.
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  15. Mummy’s Night Out
    After a group of stressful mums left their husbands alone to take care of their children for a long time on their first night out, what could happen? Mom’s Night Out is a well-produced and funny comedy that celebrates the upbringing of children. We need to see the movie.
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  16. Fireproof Movie is a special film that solves the problems and challenges of marriage and encourages us to think about our marriage, how we care for each other, our relationship with God and the fact that he should be at the center of our marriage.
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  17. God is not dead: Light in darkness
    God is not dead light in darkness is an inspiring and encouraging film that reminds us all that we are called to be the light in a world that is becoming much darker. Let us shine with Jesus in all circumstances, let us show forgiveness and love, even though it may seem difficult. It is a very necessary message that can be a hope for this world.
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  18. Victor
    Victor is a film that is a blow to fate and he is not afraid to show the consequences of gangs and drug addiction, but he is also not afraid to show the liberating transformation that Jesus can bring to life, because we see how Victor gave his life to Christ, we see freedom and we hope that he will make this experience and bring moving and touching moments in the film. The message of the film and of Victor’s life is that Jesus Christ can change any life, no matter how far you have come or how addicted you are to drugs or whatever, freedom can be found in complete surrender to Jesus Christ.
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  19. Samson
    Samson is an exciting biblical epic that really brings Samson’s story to life. It carefully captures Samson’s energy, power, passion and vocation and is a film to watch.
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  20. Wonders of the Skies
    The poster for Wonders of the Skies is an emotional film, but also inspiring and challenging. With a message that is not a sermon, it is a film that everyone can enjoy because they know that it is a true story and that miracles really happen. Ultimately, this film can encourage someone to learn more about faith in Jesus and encourage those facing difficult circumstances to know that there is great hope.
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BONUS: I still believe.

I Still Believe stands above other love films, it not only has all the elements and powers of the number one romantic film, but more than that, it has truth, it has reality, it has raw emotions and struggles, it has hope, a beautiful strong hope, faith and love that comes from Jesus. It is the most inspiring and powerful love story of the year. I still believe it’s a movie to watch.
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We know some of your favorite movies may be missing, so please let us know what movies you’ve watched and what your favorite movies are.

Pray with us for all our health workers, for those who are ill, for those who are lonely, and for those who fear all over the world.

Stay home, watch movies, save lives.


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