After life… the dead!

Twice Dead is a 1988 American supernatural horror film about a family who inherit an old mansion haunted by the ghost of a gangster.

The film is directed by Burt L. Dragin (Summer Camp Nightmare) to a screenplay he co-wrote with Robert McDonnell. Produced by Guy J. Luthan and Robert McDonnell.

The Concorde Pictures production stars Tom Bresnahan, Jill Whitlow, Jonathan Chapin, Christopher Burgard and Sam Melville.


The Cates family is overjoyed when they learn that they have inherited the old mansion of crazy stage actor Tyler Walker. When they arrive, they discover that the mansion has been turned into a playground for a local street gang. But the gang isn’t the only thing the Cates kids have to worry about, as Tyler’s ghost makes it clear he’s not happy about their invasion…..

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With his ghost appearing in the reflection of mirrors and a dark, haunted house as the centerpiece, the film has a good amount of atmosphere, even if it tends to be cheesy. The gore effects are actually quite good, especially considering the budget….. DVD player

Those who crave Charlie Spradling’s chest; some gory, murderous means, including a dumb waiter and a motorcycle; cheesy metal hair songs; Brooke Bundy as a caring mother and wife (as opposed to her motherly role in Nightmare on Elm Street 4); and those who still have a crush on Jill Whitlow in the ’80s, especially here (aside from Scream Night), get their money’s worth in Twice Dead… Jerry Saravia in the movie

The prologue, which tells the story of a homeowner who hangs himself in the 1930s, sounds like a standard clue to a ghost story. However, the film itself never seems to have been interested in the ghost story element at play. It appears at the very end, but there, strangely, it seems that instead of chasing someone, the house is actually helping a brother and sister fight off a pair of intruders. Moria

…The director and co-writer Bert Dragin mock this ridiculous premise. Instead, he seems to be suggesting that a double role would make him twice as likely to perform scary scenes, such as the one in which someone lays a naked female model on the ground and repeatedly rides his motorcycle over her. New York Times, 19. November 1988.

The quirkiness of the special effects was fun, as was the idea that the ghost is an old movie star who helps the residents of the house, which gives the film enough originality in a rather tired genre. The effects were pretty good, both in the story and in the movie as a whole, and there are a few funny moments in the movie….. apenuni

This solid little B-movie from Roger Corman’s Concord is still funny, has a nice twist in the middle (with a joke) and a pretty cute beginning with the death of a cool, dumb waiter and a simply awesome shotgun. And we even have Todd Bridges (of Diff’rent Strokes) in a small role. Video cemetery

I liked the two main characters in the other films, but here they are rather bland and forgettable. The same goes for supporting actors Brook Bundy and Todd Bridges, who don’t have much to do. The only one who makes much of an impression is Skinamax’s mermaid, Charlie Spidling, who gets the best death in the film, where she can come and go at the same time, if you know what I mean. Exhaust for video

The actors and characters:

Tom Bresnahan… Scott Cates (as Tom Bresnahan) Jill Whitlow … Robin Cates / MyrnaJonathan Chapin … Crip / Tyler WalkerChristopher Burgard … SilkSam Melville… Harry CatesBrooke Bundy… Sylvia CatesTodd Bridges… PeteyPlayer Sean… StonyJolene Lutz… CandyTravis McKenna… Melvin-Charlie Shradling… TinaLance Wilson… White… Pizza BoyJanice gets honest her pussy…. Police Officer Bob McLean… Harry Cates, Senior (as Bob McLean) Richard Meadows… PotterLance Gordon… CalvinBad Anthony… Officer One, Eric Flicks… Agent #2Steven A. Finley… Agent #3 (as Steve Finley)James Devon… Agent 4 (as Brett Harrison) Dean Alexander Garbage truck driverSusie McDonnell… The girls on campus.


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