I’m sure you’ve seen some ugly wedding dresses. You may have wondered who designed something so terrible and tried to figure out who would wear such a dress. But you haven’t seen anything yet. The terrible wedding dresses we have chosen for this article are hard to beat. You’ll be shocked, you’ll laugh, and you’ll certainly never forget the things you saw when you finished this article.

More balloons! No more balloons!

If you’ve ever thought of yourself A good wedding dress should have balloons, then you’re gonna love this dress for sure. Although technically not an ugly wedding dress, it was added to our list by a balloon.

Walking on the dark side Walking in the dark

If you go to a gothic wedding, you might see one of those dresses. Unconventional clothes may be fun, but it’s probably too much, even for Tim Burton.

hair behind the hair… The hair behind the…

This custom made wedding dress isn’t as bad as you know it’s made of human hair. 250 feet of real human heart. Can you imagine how long it took to do that? And who voluntarily combed his hair? A bunch of bald bridesmaids hiding out in the back there somewhere?

Diaper dress Diaper Dress

Yeah, it’s true. Wedding dress with diaper. We always support creativity and originality, but it’s too much, even if the layers are clean.

Virgin release Освободить живот

A pregnant bride can be dazzling and radiant as she walks down the aisle. But underlining the belly with a large hole in the middle of a wedding dress is not a good idea.

Married or blowfish? Married or plush?

Although wedding gowns often contain an extensive section, they are usually at the bottom. But not in this wedding dress. This dress seems more suitable for sleeping than for a wedding.

Unknown accessories Undefined Accessories

It’s one thing if the bride makes the wrong fashion decision, but when you see something like that on the catwalk, you may wonder what in the world is going on. This dress is enriched with a few vague additions that resemble soap bars or even computer mice.

Television Wedding Marriage live on television

When Sugar Bear and Mama June renew their wedding wow, you probably expect nothing less than what you have. Matrix from the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was not disappointed when she wore this colorful and sumptuous wedding dress, which will serve as a better camouflage for the hunt.

tentacle! Tentac-stic!

If you’ve ever wondered what a beautiful wedding dress would look like if tentacles were added to it, you’ve got your answer. The dress looks like the one Ursula would have worn if she had found her prince charming.

Hello Kitty Здравствуйте, Китти.

These clothes are beautiful, but they would probably look even better if they weren’t covered with a cartoon character. Besides, they really look like they want to marry a Disney princess.

Cheap solution Дешевое решение

If you don’t have enough money to buy a suit, don’t worry, there’s a simple solution. Just take a white T-shirt and write the bride on it. Now you can kiss the groom. And if you’re not sure who he is, look at his costume and you can read his part in the wedding.

Paint on Покрасьте его

It’s another economical solution: just paint your wedding dress and you don’t have to buy an expensive dress that you will (probably) have to wear once in your life. It may not be pretty, but at least you’ll be unique.

Free as air Free as air

This dress probably should have caught the bride’s free spirit, but instead she seems to take her do-it-yourself projects too seriously. I think if she’s happy, we’re happy too, although her husband doesn’t seem to be sure about the dress either.

Plug-in card reader Вставить диск

It’s actually a pretty simple and elegant dress… …down to the waist. One wonders what is behind the bride, the lampshade or a large window. Only she can see it.

Too hot for Too hot for processing

We really love this dress – for an evening with motorcycle friends, but not for a wedding. Or if you’re going out with a fire-eater. But we like it, we really like it.

Self-disclosure Reveal Thyself

You may not have to show your attributes when the groom is waiting. But even if you choose to show the gifts of your God, you can do so with a little more discretion. I mean, step back and leave something to the imagination.

No fan of minimalism Not a fan of minimalism

The model in this picture seems to hate simple clothes. The dress makes her feel like she is wearing a bathing cap, while her shoulders seem to be enclosed in lampshades. The skirt isn’t any better either, because it looks like someone wrapped it in toilet paper.

Too cute for you Too soft for you.

You can have sweets, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a piece of cake for the wedding. This dress consists of 20 pounds of creamy beanbags, and it is doubtful if the bride will be naked after the guests have eaten in her dress.

Russian doll Русская кукла

This wedding dress is inspired by Russian box dolls, but it looks more like the bride came out of a cocoon.

Red roses Розы красные

Roses are red, violets are blue, eyes are hurt, it’s true. This whole dress is made of red roses, and it doesn’t work. The dress is unique and may be suitable for walks in the garden, but I can’t imagine marrying it.

Strange, strange, strange Strange, strange, strange.

We like to think someone took advantage of us by sending us this picture. What’s going on here? A strange combination of colours, a hood over a suit, a crazy half-brain – it would be too much for David Lynch and Alejandro Yodorovsky together.

Driving in clouds Driving in clouds

In a wedding dress like this, you don’t need transportation. You can just let the wind take you to the wedding ceremony, because it already looks like you’re on a cloud. We think this couple missed the wedding at the church because the bride couldn’t get through the door.

Not very modest Not very modest

Even if you’re very proud of your breasts, your wedding day might not be the best event to brag about. Some things are better pushed aside.

Not too thin Not too thin

Again: Leave something to your imagination. Do you really want all the wedding guests on your wedding day to look at your breasts?

Snowman in disguise Verkleideter Schneemann

This picture just keeps popping up longer and longer than you look at it. Where are the bride’s hands? Is that really a snowman in disguise? How can she walk around in that dress? Why so many flowers? We can go on…

Too complicated to explain Too complicated to explain.

This wedding dress is so rich in details and accessories that you can hardly recognize the bride in the picture. A swollen veil, a pearl necklace, bows on the shoulders, lace sleeves – it’s too much and it doesn’t go well together.

Shocking Shocking

You may not find this dress too scandalous, but that’s only because you probably don’t know that the bride is actually British royalty. Lady Mary Charteris has created a sensation with this dress by showing much more than her bad taste in fashion.

Quack-Quack! Quack Quack!

This dress is too weird to describe. It looks like a duck in the back and a pincushion in the front. It’s too weird for our taste.

Powerful fan Крепкий орешек-вентилятор

If you are a sports fan, it goes without saying to support your team in any case. But you could miss your wedding day. I’m sure 76 people appreciate the gesture, but the wedding suit isn’t very flashy.

Get on the train! Get on the train!

This wedding dress may not be ugly, but it’s certainly unusual. We should have looked in the Guinness Book of Records, but it’s probably the longest wedding smear in the world. In this dress you can get married in two states at the same time!

A Spring wedding Весенняя свадьба

You may agree that spring weddings are beautiful, but why wear a spring dress instead of a wedding dress? It looks like something you could wear for a sleepover.

Orange is the new black. Orange is the new black.

Looks like this couple decided to celebrate the sun on their wedding day. Even if a trucker’s shorts and a huge tiara seem superfluous – if anything at all superfluous with such an outfit. Don’t look at this picture too long; it can have the same effect on your eyes as the sun.

Bride or peacock? Bride or peacock?

It’s the bride… It’s a peacock… There’s something in the middle! Adding a little colour to your wedding dress is all well and good, but it has to be done in a subtle way. It’s just too colorful and doesn’t do justice to a good clothing design.

Honeymoon cake Honeymoon cupcake

This dress may look nice in theory, but in the end it looks like someone wrapped the bride in a pile of acid dust.

Too many things go in Too much is going on.

Bridal gowns should be simple and elegant. No wonder even a supermodel like Cindy Crawford couldn’t save that dress. Although this is not her real wedding dress, we only know that after the show she had a few things to discuss with the designer.

Unusual wedding cake Ungewöhnliche Hochzeitstorte

The dress in this picture is beautiful – we really like it. But the bride’s life-size cake is too scary, unless the wedding takes place at Madame Tussauds.

Accordion An Accordion

We know at least one person who would like this wedding dress – the strange Al Yankovich!

Strengthening freedom Freedom Intensifies

You may be a patriot, but do you really want to wear the American flag instead of a wedding dress? At least this dress has a simple and elegant design, although the flag pattern is too disturbing to really stand out.

Bubbles per Volledige omtrekbellen

Looks like this girl just came out of a hot tub. We have to admit that we almost love this dress, but it’s too layered to be anywhere.

Offences against fashion in a different colour Crime Trend of a different colour

Apart from the bright pink, this colour simply seems too impractical. We can imagine that the bride had serious problems walking down the aisle. We would also like to know what colour the bridesmaids’ dresses were?

Stripper bride Невеста-стриптизерша

Yo, where’s the dress? This fiancée has to sweat a lot, so she decided not to take any chances and do it without her dress. At least she’s beautiful, otherwise it would be even more unpleasant to see her.

A Heavy Sail Тяжелая вуаль

The only thing missing in this picture is the clip around the bride’s neck, because she will definitely need it at the end of the day. This fake veil seems so heavy she can’t even lift her head, so she has to pretend to look at her shoes.

Cat in room

Can a clothing brand be so logical that you want to show it in your wedding dress with sequins? Or is she just marrying her cat? Cat in room
Dissect. The white cat on the dress literally looks like someone who cut it out of cardboard and used the shop’s compartment to light up the edges. Did you notice the glow of a cat’s head on its body?

Golden napkins

I fully understand the concept of this dress. His bouquet looks like a pile of paper bags filled with gold curls. And the skirt stands for all the towels she has to use. She also loves gold. Golden Napkins
But tell me why the tiara is silver? If you want the gold, take the damn gold!

Additional cufflinks required

As a concept this dress is pretty cool. But for your future wedding guests, who are not very fashionable, they may wonder why your dress has more lapels than your groom’s suit. Additional links are required for
and may also be provided: Well, the designer picked out some nice fabrics, but I think he forgot to make your dress, Sheila.


I think most people would need beer and smoke if they got married in a towel and tanks at Wal-Mart. Smokin’

…during pregnancy. At least the veil isn’t that bad. And the light yellow colour enhances the bright white colour of the towel.

All sails

Have you ever had to make your own last-minute Halloween costume and make two holes in a sheet of paper? Alle Schleier

Boo! But you see, this spooky handyman’s dress even has small slits so you can spread your hands. Is it useful?

Edible dress

Now you can put on a dress and eat! Why surprise your guests by making them jump out of a giant cake when you can be a giant cake yourself? Digestible Dress

I sincerely hope they’re married in the house.

Evening gown

It’s probably a more hygienic option if you want to make the dress superfluous – by turning it into a beverage display where champagne glasses are kept. Drinkable Dress

I will not object to the choice of this bride’s dress.

Garbage dress

This dress is made from recycled bottles, and although we are in favour of recycling, we believe that some of the best design skills are needed. Garbage Gown

Be a hero! Wrap yourself in garbage on your wedding day to save the planet!

Reality of scrap

I have a strong impression that this man made this dress himself. In my opinion, his concept should have looked like one of those antique shops that smell like antiques as much as possible. Let’s hope he doesn’t stink either. The reality of a flea market

Moreover, these women whisper clearly in the background about how ugly their dresses are.

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