The most important thing is the castle: Alexia Zahedi

The director: Vincent Durkman, Kevin Mendibur.

One of the most primitive fears that can be described is the fear that there is something under the bed.  It is one of everyone’s first fears to be in their room at night, to be stuck on this island in the dark and to know that if something is there, there is no direction to follow, that it cannot reach you.  And if you don’t have a bedside table with a lamp, you’re stuck in the dark until morning.  So every sound you hear is amplified by this frightener and becomes another facet of MONSTER, hidden just below you.

You can’t even move your weight, because the monster will see and know where you are on the mattress, making it easier to come and get you with his incredibly long arms.

And this fear is at the heart of a short French horror film, Under the Bed, written by Vincent Durkman and directed by Durkman and Kevin Mendibure.  This film is VERY short, just over 4 minutes, and the star Alexey Zahedi is like a woman terrorized by something under the bed.  The synopsis of the photo reads as follows The young woman is still haunted by the night monster she saw in her room when she was little… but I’ve barely noticed that this is what’s been haunting her since she was a child, the only clue is a very short voice at the beginning of the film when the little girl asks her mother to cover her legs at night so the monster doesn’t eat her.  But even without this prologue, there would still be an effective short film under the bed.  I mean, it’s a woman lying alone in bed in a dark room, and there’s something under the bed.  What doesn’t scare you?

And when she wakes up and finds a blanket on the floor… No, it will be a cold night in bed, because this blanket stays where it is until the sun rises and all the monsters of the night are banished.

However, under the bed is not faultless.  In just 4 minutes we have no description or background, and the end was a bit hairy considering the tension that had built up until then.  I just wanted to make more effort before the end of the film after I saw how well the rest of the film was done.

Zahidi conveys the horror that we would all feel in such a situation without exaggerating, although she does not engage in dialogue and all her actions are limited to physical reflections of the horror.

I could probably say more, but I think right now you need more time to read this magazine than to look at it under the bed. That’s why I would like to end by thanking Mendibourne for his help in screening the film, and I hope to see him and Darkman more often in the future.

You can find it under the bed on YouTube.


C. Dennis Moore is the author of more than 60 stories and novels in the genre of speculative fiction. The most recent publications have appeared in the anthologies Dark Highlands 2, What Fears Occurence, Dead Bait 3 and Dark Highways. His novels – Revelations, Angel Hill, Man in the Window, Third Floor, Flip.

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