Pleasure, pain, control.

Undertow is a 2018 Australian thriller about a woman who suspects her husband is having an affair with a pregnant teenager.

Written and directed by Miranda Nation, produced by Lyn Norfor. Emerald Producer directs Olivia Dejonge, Josh Helman, Laura Gordon and Rob Collins.


Claire mourns the loss of her stillborn child and meets Angie, a pregnant teenager. Hot-tempered and undisciplined, Angie defies Claire’s scrutiny. Attracted to Angie’s world, Claire develops a dangerous obsession that endangers the lives of both women. It wasn’t until Claire discovered the terrible secret of Angie’s pregnancy that the two women began to heal….

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A compelling psychological film about women’s issues, full of real Australian history. Women’s universal problems are boldly addressed by appealing to the inner forces (the undercurrent) that compel women to act as they usually do. The needy and selfish Clare can be obsessive but aimless, while the sinister and aimless Angie can be strong but naive in her youth. Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

The way Claire’s grief manifests and weakens her understanding of what is real and what is not, gives us a glimpse of the complexity of physical trauma, a trait she shares with Angie, but expresses differently. The nation allows this real to return to the trope of the imaginary to bring Claire back to the present, a feat that makes Claire’s grief as crippling as it often is. Screen Area

For the first time, director Miranda Nation has created a profound and deeply meaningful story about women struggling with loss and male insecurity…Victoria’s beautiful south coast provides the backdrop for this emotional drama, and while the story is subtle, the themes of vulnerability leading to radical temptations are heartwarming. Film Cassette

As a first film, Undertow is an impressive debut. It is a thoughtful and well portrayed psychological drama that uses the natural beauty of the coastal environment to provide a symbolic interpretation and draw the viewer into the dark depths. Switch.

The Nation is not afraid of dirty waters with a dreamy eroticism and a truly uncomfortable blend of sadness and sex.  It’s a dark, difficult and vague film with shifting sympathies and a slippery moral […] Suspect deserves a breakthrough.  It deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience. Review of the week

The actors and characters:

Olivia DeJonge… Angie
Josh Helman… Board of Directors
Laura Gordon . Claire
Rob Collins… Dan
Damian Hill… Percy 11-9 Darcy McDonald… Lisa
Chris Gibson… PhD McKenna
Chris Gonsalves…
-Christopher Farrell, a member of the support group…
The journalist Catherine Larsi… Mother Angie’s 19, Josh Hayes…
Leslie, a member of the support team… Caron Witter… Guest of the party
Martin Bloom… Darren
Tim K. Williams… Brett’s friend 19 Slavko Zvirn… Javid…


The counter-current will be the 2. March 2021: released on Digital and On-Demand by Trinity Creative Partnerships.

Technical details :

96 minutes.


How do you load…


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