Deadline reports that Cinedigm has acquired the US and Canadian rights to Unearth. The film will be released on the 20th. April 20, 2021 at Laemmle Theatres North Hollywood prior to the Earth Day premiere on the 22nd. April, will be released in theaters and then in digital version during the summer.

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Horror Story

Unearth is a 2020 American environmental horror film about a hapless farmer who sells his land to an oil and gas company. Unfortunately, the horror that was unleashed….

Directed by John C. Lyons and Dorota Swizz from a screenplay by Kelsey Goldberg and John C. Lyons, the Den film production stars Adrienne Barbeau (The Exorcism at 60,000 Feet; The Great Legend; Escape from New York; The Fog), Mark Blucas (Oni), P.J. Marshall (American Horror Story), Allison McAtee, Rachel McKeon, Brooke Sorenson and Monica Wyche. Producers Mark Blucas, John C Lyons, Alison McAtee and Dorota Sweets.


George Lomack (Mark Blucas), in distress, will do anything to save his family. He is brought to the brink and struggles to make ends meet. He turns to the only place that can save his home: the oil and gas industry.

Ignoring the warnings of his deft neighbor (Adrienne Barbeau), it soon becomes clear that Lomac has made a deal with the devil. The creeping terror has been released from the depths of his fertile soil, while George’s family is a shadow of his former self. Now two neighbours fight for survival against the poison that infects their land…..

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The reality of the impending environmental crisis comes to light in Unearthe. The film shows not only the dangers of fracking, but also the increasing hardships faced by independent farmers, rural communities and families. The photography and direction of John C. Lyons and Dorothy Swiese immerse you in a world that is all too familiar, but also extremely haunting and strange. This, combined with a killer soundtrack and some truly disturbing gore effects, will keep you on your toes.

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Restraint seems to be the key word in Unearth […] Moments of well-executed body horror moments in the third act hint at a very different, more exciting film that never comes. For a film that deals with how a dying lifestyle can lead to irreversible decisions that affect generations, it seems more appropriate to classify Unearth as a drama. Gross

Unearth is an effective metaphor for our times, showing a life that many do not know. We read about farmers whose lives depend on drought, levies, and fracking, but we are rarely able to fully sympathize with them. The film builds a real world intertwined with a disturbing monster, and the ending serves as a warning to all those who blindly believe that capitalism has our best interests at heart. Effects of noise

…Unearth also works well because of the performances (I was going to mention a few names here, but honestly, there’s not a single rotten apple in the bunch – they’re all excellent), and I think those who are a little more flexible with their definitions of horror will appreciate what Swies and Lyons have created with Unearth. Daley Tot

The horrific but surprisingly beautiful fate of one member in particular shows the direction Unearth could have taken to create a truly memorable finale, but things soon degenerate into bouts of madness and despair that are rather disorienting to watch. Big Oil’s message about exploiting the American worker is still intact….. Dread Central

…Is this a smart movie about a decadent lifestyle with 25 minutes of horror movie at the end, or a movie that started out as a horror movie where the filmmakers decided to focus on the good stuff on set once the footage was shot in front of them? Or is it just a collection of good ideas that have been unevenly implemented? Whatever the reason, Unearth is good enough here and there to be interesting….. eFilmCritic

…for a long time, it just seemed like drama. A good drama, sure, but still, I was expecting horror. The final third of the film gave me all the horror I could have asked for. In other words: Don’t worry, this horror drama can and will definitely spare you the expected blood and gore.

Because in all this domestic tragedy, there is indeed an uplifting parable about how the American dream – lush pastures and corn-fed people – turns out to be polluted by the madness of endless capitalist progress. The result is one of the best revenge nature films in years. Extrapolated figures

The first two-thirds of the film is presented as a drama with a very unusual love triangle, in which both George and his daughter Heather show feelings for Christine. Unearth eventually degenerates into Lovecraftian body horror […] and stands as a warning to those around it. Sean Kelly in the movies

I have no doubt that Unearth exists with good intentions, but it never becomes anything significant. The drama is too timid and the violence too disjointed. It’s a waste, and no amount of good intentions can change the fact that viewers go home feeling they’ve wasted their precious time on this planet. Substream Magazine

The cast and performances are excellent, and Barbeau is first-rate. It is and always will be a much better horror film. It takes a while for the film to get going, with a lot of emphasis on setting up characters and relationships, but there is a lot of horror when it really gets going. The practical effects are well done and give us enough body horror to be sufficiently outraged. View from the dark


Dorota Sviz: It’s not just about fracking, it’s about the way we take the benefits of nature for granted. Greed and ignorance have already destroyed our water supply with chemical, biological and radiological waste.

John C. Lyons added: American farmers have been hit even harder by our trade wars and now by a pandemic, while crops are rotting in the fields, their incomes are already down, and the suicide rate has increased over the past decade. No one is safe from the wrecking ball of corporate greed. When we destroy our precious water resources, it ultimately affects what we eat and drink. I hope that’s the point of the movie. You might think this is a fictional story about a few isolated farm families, but environmental inequality affects us all.


Unearth celebrated its premiere on the 25th. August 2020 at the Virtual Fantasia Festival.

The actors and characters:

Adrienne Barbeau… Catherine Dolan
Mark Blucas… George Lomack 19 Allison McAtee… Christina Dolan
Brooke Sorenson… Kim Lomack 19 Rachel McKeon… Heather Lomack
Monica Soft Pussy Fucking… Aubrey Dolan
PJ. Marshall… Tom Dolan
Chad Conley… Eddie Drake 19 Lauren Valentine… Tammy 1 A 9 Brielle Brown – This is the name of Tammy…. blonde
benjamin scheeler… Earl Yates
Emily Askin… Becky
Ron Hobson… Reese Lomack (16 months)
Ryan Ball… Officer Peter
Alex Michael Hayes Marker

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