Shaking, running and rolling

Mood: Other things are about to erupt in our dimension and it takes someone who knows the multiverse and its energies to stop them. Someone like me.

Vibe 10 of the Justice League of America.

The gang’s approaching the orphanage. The owner has not paid the protection money and has to learn from this. One of the thugs throws a Molotov cocktail at the building. A blue gate opens in front of the bomb and the bomb disappears. A man leaves the second gate. The air seems to buzz when it causes an explosion of oscillating force that puts most gang members out of action.

Two thugs dodge the explosions and chase him with baseball bats. The hero dives under the swing and spreads his legs to the striker below him. The hero uses the impulse to turn his arms while his windy legs force another bat to evade. The last rotation ends when it blows up again. The last con falls when Vibe jumps at his feet.

Vibe is one of the most powerful characters in Washington. Originally it was a ruse, but since then it has become a stable member of the Justice League. Then who is he? Why is he so powerful? Why two vibrations? Well, let’s see.

Detroit defense attorney: Behind the scenes at Viba

Paco Ramone: There’s a rumor on the street that big things are happening here. Rumor has it the Chu boys are the Justice League. I think people like me and Chu, we should be on the same team.

American Justice League Annual issue. 2

In 1984 Wiebe made his debut in the Justice League of America’s annual No. 2 game. It was created by Jerry Conway and Chuck Patton to take advantage of break dance entertainment and to attract Hispanic readers.

Francisco Paco Ramon lived in Detroit and was a metahuana gangster. He learned that Aquaman and the bounty hunter of Mars are the new incarnation of the Justice League in his hometown. Because they didn’t have much interest from others, they were reluctant to record it.

Paco calls himself Vibe because of his vibrational ability and his ability to use breakdance as a weapon. Vibe’s criminal past caused public relations problems for the Justice League, but it soon proved invaluable. It played a modest but decisive role in the never-ending land crisis and used its vibrations to stabilize the remaining countries and allow them to live together in a single universe.

Wieb’s career ended shortly after the dissolution of the Detroit Justice League. The vibrations protected the child that was attacked by the robot. He bought himself some time to escape, but was strangled by a killer car. Vibe has the dubious honor of being the first Justice Leaguer to die in the line of duty.

Again, do not touch:. Vibration history

Sisko: Oh, I knew there was another me.
Reverb: And I knew you’d come, Sisko. Even before I jumped into the breach and entered this world. You see, we’re all connected… Francisco.
Sisko: The name’s Vibe.

Flash Welcome to Earth 2 (Season 2, Episode 14)

The atmosphere never really got better. He was resurrected several times to attack various heroes, and from time to time he was seen in other universes, but Paco Ramone wasn’t popular enough to bring him back.

The new version of Vibe could be seen in the New 52 of DC. This is Sisko Ramon, the Heriman, whose DNA has been altered by one of the Boom Darkseid tubes. He has visionary skills and the ability to perceive interspatial discontinuities, as well as standard vibration skills.

Wiebe was quickly recruited by the Justice League of America, a federal government colleague of the Justice League. Although he was a good member of the team, Vibe’s potentially divine power and reluctance to follow ruthless orders disturbed his masters. The ALJ decided that it would be best for Vibe to stay in Detroit, which has become the centre of the multiverse.

Good vibration: Power and personal vibrations

Sisko: You mean I can see the future?
H.G. Wells: That’s exactly what I’m telling you.
Sisko: These glasses are becoming more and more resistant. Immediately.

Flash returns the flashback (Season 2 Episode 11)

Vibration has the ability to manipulate vibrations. In Paco’s time this meant that it could cause local shock waves and earthquakes. Like Cisco, who also has the ability to see the future by vibrating the target. Both versions of Vibe are skilled break dancers and include dance steps in their fighting style.

Vibrations are the heart of multi-winding direct current. Each universe is in the same place, but vibrates at a slightly different frequency. Vibratory forces are ideal for manipulating DC-dimensional physics. He can feel intruders because they vibrate on a different frequency. Vib can also open breakthroughs to other universes that allow him to teleport.

Paco was stupid and pretended to be stupider than he really was, so people would underestimate him. Sisko is better informed and friendlier. This is another reason for the friction with the ALJ, which demanded pragmatism.

Actors playing the vibe

Carlos Alaszraki – Washington National Shorts
Jason Vargas – Young Justice : OutsiderCarlos Valdez – Lightning

Dididya receive all this?

A criminal who became a guardian.

Jared Bunakos

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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