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The worst nightmares… are the ones you can never wake up from.

We Are the Missing is a Canadian horror and fiction film set in 2020 that follows the Madisons’ desperate search for their missing daughter.

Writer-director Andrew J.D. Robinson, making his film debut, stars Maissa Khoury, Mark Templin, Willow McGregor and Eleanor Potilova.

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While We Are the Missing has good basic elements and the cast and crew show examples of talent, this mockingbird suffers from an overall inconsistent tone. The resolution of the camera has also changed too often. It would be nice if she seemed consistent in all areas. It might have been better to broadcast it as a podcast of a series or a short film. 1 of my news

Director Andrew J.D. Robinson managed to make a good movie on a near-zero budget. The constraints arising from the lack of financial resources are overcome by the creativity of all creative actors. Circle 10

While intriguing, with a creative touch and a compelling story, it may seem that something is missing. Maybe it’s the abrupt ending, maybe it’s the fact that it’s just the characters telling their story to the camera, without Carter investigating Madison’s house or D’Arcadia, which could have given it more momentum. Despite this, the film has found a simple but effective solution with a practically zero budget and has managed to create a sense of disorder. The great horror story

Andrew JD Robinson creates a very effective story that stumbles here and there as the end approaches, but it’s a story that grabs you from beginning to end. The film may not satisfy horror fans, but fans of dramatic thrillers should find much to love here. It is an example of a well-made independent film…. We Are the Missing probably won’t impress anyone, but those interested in background cinema will certainly be impressed. Movie chat

Ultimately the initial idea is effective, the style is relevant and inventive, the opening creates a lot of mystery and suspense, it has a genuine potential to make the audience feel genuinely uncomfortable, but it struggles to build on this and gets a little lost in its long and winding road to the realm of the supernatural. Victim film

…the best thing about We Are the Missing is its subtlety. It’s not a scary movie, but it’s scary as hell. But he’s slowly collecting them and building more and more tension with him. Like a tight spring, you wait for it to explode and someone’s eye is ripped out. Really? Observe and find out. You won’t regret it. Games, Brrraaains and a life in motion

We Are the Missing is an interesting and authentic film. With so many different roles, sometimes I couldn’t remember who the characters were, or got confused with actors who looked alike. All the twists and turns get the necessary dramatic attention, and the choice of editing options and tone provide the necessary calm. A rotting zombie

…A film that really uses the basic concept of found footage to build its own world of horror, to ask questions, to make allusions, to really use a cinematic approach – not so much in terms of camerawork (where the film rarely goes beyond talking head shots), but through intelligent editing, a good use of sound clips and even music (something rare in found footage films), and simply intelligent writing. … Going through my trash

We Are the Missing was pulled for $300. These are Canadian dollars, so don’t expect any effects or action scenes. What you get is a lot of fascinating interviews about increasingly scary topics […] It actually works very well. Looking at the few lines at the end and my point of view, I think that’s actually a good way to handle this material. Voice from the balcony

The actors and characters:

Myssa Khoury… Angie Madison 19 Mark Templin… John Madison
Willow McGregor… Mackenzie Porter
Eleanor Putilova… Carter
Chantelle Little… Riley Madison
Gabriel Banville… April…
Olivia Piercy… Paige
Catherine Stella Duncan… Phoebe Taylor
Julie Mainville… Anonymous call
Rebecca Naomi Ayala… Amy Bickle 19 Chantal Grace… Olivia Perkins
Patrick Mulligan… Trevor Berkley
Chelsea Woods… Grace Sinclair
Sue Beatty Sue Beatty… Bonnie Hugh
John Andrews… Maxwell Mansbridge
Samuel Ingram Gillmor… Anchor no. 1
Victoria Givlin… Anchor no. 2
Jason Sedlar… Anchor #3
Zack Boniface… Tyler
Simon Boniface… Barry 19 Jennifer Willis… Detective Edwards
Maura Stevens… Dispatch
Mikal… Jason Thompson…

Technical details :

83 minutes in
format: 1.78 : 1


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