The first trailer for the highly anticipated The Fantastic Four has finally been released. The trailer gives viewers their first look at the new cast and the plot of the film. The Fantastic Four is set to be released August 7, 2015. The first trailer for the highly anticipated The Fantastic Four has finally been released. The trailer gives viewers their first look at the new cast and the plot of the film. The Fantastic Four is set to be released August 7, 2015.

What if? What if? What if our favorite movies had different endings? What if the Star Wars cast had been different? What if the Disney princesses had not been white? What if Spider-Man had not married Mary Jane? What if the plot of Jurassic Park had followed a different course? What if the ninja turtles had taken a different road? Well, what if?

“What If” is a podcast that explores what the world would be like if some of the most popular films, television shows, video games, books, comic books and more were to happen differently.. Read more about what if release date episodes and let us know what you think.

What if is a new animated series from Marvel Studios that follows an alternative version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The show alters some of the most important events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These key developments have resulted in new narratives that are still evolving. The reader will be able to appreciate additional storyline and interpretations as a result of these re-takes on the key points of events. What happens if…? For all MCU lovers, this will be a must-see!

The tales are told by an omniscient narrator who describes the multiverse as a prism of infinite possibilities. Stories that never end keep on till the end of time. This series delves at other worlds with possible outcomes. 

We have this post to get you all caught up so you know what to anticipate from this new endeavor, as Marvel is back with another amazing series to wow their fans.

What if… plot


The series isn’t centered on a single narrative or plotline. If anything, it tries to stay away from that. The series is a retelling of Marvel superhero tales that does not follow the original form. The characters haven’t changed, but their roles have. Their tales have also been told.

The “what ifs” are addressed. 

Marvel has been with us all along. They didn’t only show us tales and comics; they also made us consider their world. We’ve been participants for a long time, having transitioned from readers/viewers. We are aware of their situation and timeframe. We’ve all wondered about the seemingly limitless possibilities of the events going place in Marvel’s universe. 

This appropriately titled series attempts to address all of the possible scenarios. Interestingly, in this program, such possibilities are a reality. 

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What if…? has a new set of tales.

zombie captain america from what if…?What happens if…? The video of Captain America as a zombie has been released!

As previously stated, the series is about a new version of the MCU. We’ve long pondered what would happen if Loki instead of Thor held Mjolnir. What if Peggy Carter was the super soldier instead of Steve Rogers? What if Black Panther battled the invaders as Star-Lord? 

These are only a few of the options covered in the series.

Captain America (Peggy Carter) 

The Vibranium Shield shines in Peggy Carter’s hands in this series. The notion of a woman being the first super-soldier breaks down gender stereotypes and promotes the idea that being a hero has nothing to do with one’s gender identity. 

Star-Lord is Black Panther. 

showcasing the characters of what if…?Featuring the characters of Marvel’s What If…?

Chadwick Bossman, the Black Panther star, has passed away. However, he came in many times before his death and recorded his portions for the Marvel tales. We’ll witness an animated Black Panther, with Bossman providing the voice. It serves as a constant reminder of how much we miss him. 

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The bizarre tale of Stephen Strange 

Another option that has sparked interest among fans is the scenario in which Stephen Strange meets an even weirder end. What if he turned out to be a nefarious character? What if Dormammu had snatched his soul from him?  

Tony Stark is transported to a new world. 

featuring iron man and captain marvelWhat if…? episodes on Disney+ have been promised by Marvel. will have the same vibe as the original MCU films!

Jeff Goldbaum himself has partly verified this version. According to legend, Tony Stark does not return to Earth in the first Avengers film. What if Stark found himself on a another world, fighting a Ragnarok-style battle?  

What if…Watcher ?’s

The story is presented from a third person’s point of view. The numerous events going place in the universe are narrated by an omniscient narrator. The narrator is a visitor from another world. He is the one who observes everything but must never become involved. Uatu is his name, and he’s the one that introduces us to him.

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Why did Marvel choose an animated series? 

When it comes to telling tales about a vast world, animation programs were a popular option. The Marvel Universe is enormous. There are always a slew of people and events, and the plots continue to spread out. Allowing the necessary time to make these efforts into films is virtually difficult. Following this narrative into the future is much simpler with an animated series. 

What if is Marvel’s first attempt at producing an animated series. Marvel Studios VP Victoria Alonso has said that this is only the beginning of many more animated adventures to come. Initially, 30 parts were picked from a list of key events, and 10 parts were chosen from the list of important incidents. 

Various performers will provide the voices for many of the major characters. Through voiceover, several performers who performed the original parts will repeat their roles. 

What if…? is available for purchase.

The series is available on Disney Plus. 

When will What If… be released?

The series will premiere on August 20, 2021. 


What Would Happen If…? Basically, it creates a new world with overlapping roles, realities, and timeframes. Fans have come up with a variety of ideas on how the various tales could play out. In a sense, this series pays homage to those devoted Marvel fans and supporters who have become the most important element of the company’s cinematic universe.

How many of these ideas did you think will come true? What are your thoughts on this new show? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

‘What If’ is an interesting new thriller that follows the story of a man who finds himself living out the life of the man he killed. After ten years, he is released from prison to reunite with his family. When he arrives home, he is met with a change in the family dynamic.. Read more about marvel what if release schedule and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If release date and time?

The release date and time for the game is currently unknown.

What If all episodes release date?

If all episodes release date, then the show would be cancelled.

What If Marvel episode release dates?

Marvel has not released a date for the release of their next episode.

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