There is a lot to consider when you are trying to decide which video production kit is best for you. Finding the best video production kit will depend on your skills, the types of videos you want to produce, and the operating system you use. Not only are there different factors that affect our decision, but each operating system has different functions and features that can make video production easy or difficult.

If you’re a filmmaker who has a passion for film, chances are you have considered either making a short film or going for a feature film. The problem is that most of the equipment required for video production is incredibly expensive. There are two ways to go about this. One option is to save for your equipment, the other option is to get the equipment second-hand. The best thing about this is that you can use your smartphone as a camera and get the experience of making a film on your computer without all the expenses of buying a new one.

There are plenty of great tools available for Android and iPhone filmmakers, but which one is the best? I spent months researching and testing the best video production kits for both mobile devices.. Read more about best iphone filmmaking kit 2021 and let us know what you think.

What is the best video kit for Android and iPhone?

You can spend a fortune on film equipment for your iPhone or Android smartphone. There are many options for film equipment, but not all are suitable for professional film production. But if you don’t have a lot of money, there are some great options for low-budget filmmakers.

Irig Mic Video

The iRig Mic Video is a directional microphone ideal for mobile reporting and interviews. It is also compatible with many devices and works equally well with a DSLR camera as it does with an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. The microphone has a supercardioid pickup pattern that suppresses all background noise outside the audio range.

This makes it ideal for noisy environments where you only want to hear the person in front of you. It features 24-bit 96 kHz converters that deliver a crystal-clear signal for your audio recordings. Also included are a TRS cable and a cold-shoe connector for use with a digital SLR camera.

Price : $99.00 £70.00 €81.00

Lavmicro Di Lavalier iPhone Microphone

The Saramonic LavMicro Di is a lavalier microphone ideal for smartphone video interviews. Allows you to make stereo recordings on any iOS device with a Lightning connector. It’s an omnidirectional microphone, which means it picks up sound in all directions.

It has a frequency response of 30 to 20,000 Hz and records at 24 bit, 48 kHz resolution. It also has a sensitivity of -42+/-3 dB. It is powered by the iPhone, so it does not need to be powered by external batteries. If you don’t like Boya or Sennheiser lavalier microphones, this is a good choice.

Price : $99.00 £70.00 €81.00

Boya BY-DM2 Looper Microphone for Android

If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone microphone with USB-C, consider the BY-DM2 from Boya. This microphone is similar to the BY-M1 of Boya. So if you’re familiar with this microphone, you know what to expect with the BY-DM2. The BY-DM2 by Boya delivers pure, high-quality sound to any smartphone connected via USB-C. If you are using an Android smartphone, make sure it is running OS 5.0 or higher as it may not work.

It offers a resolution of up to 24 bits and 48 kHz with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It’s also an omnidirectional microphone, meaning it picks up sound in all directions, ideal for interviews and documentaries. It has a sensitivity of -42/-3 dB and a gain of 0-3 dB and is powered by the smartphone or device it is connected to. So before you buy anything, make sure your smartphone has enough power to work.

Price : $70.00 £50.00 €58.00

Rode Wireless Go 2Wireless Microphone

If you need an economical wireless microphone to record with your smartphone, you can’t go wrong with the Rode Wireless Go 2. The Rode Wireless Go 3 comes with two transmitters and one receiver. It measures just 44 mm x 45.3 mm x 18.5 mm and weighs just 30 grams. The transmitters are equipped with omnidirectional condenser microphones located directly inside the unit.

You can use it as a clip-on microphone or add your own TRS microphone to plug into the transmitter’s 3.3 mm microphone jack. In addition, the built-in memory now allows you to record audio for later use in post-production.

The range of the receiver is up to 200 meters. However, please note that you must maintain a direct line of sight to the transmitter, otherwise reception problems may occur. The receiver has an attachment clip and can also be attached to a cold shoe mount on your smartphone. You can set the TRS output jack to reduce the audio signal by -0dB, -6dB or -12dB if you want to reduce the audio gain of your smartphone. However, to make the receiver work with a smartphone, you must use a TRS-to-RS adapter, such as. B. Red SC7.

You can also invest in a Rode SC15 or Rode SC16 USB-C Lightning adapter cable for iPhone and Android smartphones. Both the transmitter and receiver have built-in batteries that can be charged via the included USB-C cable. When fully charged, they offer up to 7 hours of continuous use. There is also the Rode Interview Go, which turns the Wireless Go into a portable interview microphone.

Price : $299.00 £212.00 €247.00

Rotolight Neo 2LED Camera Light

The Rotolight Neo 2 may be more expensive than other lights, but it is a high quality LED light. It is characterised by its round shape that can accommodate 120 LED lights. These LEDs also have built-in wave modulation, so you don’t have to worry about annoying flickering. It is also powerful, its lux is 1077, which is about 75 watts.

When on, the beam angle is 50 degrees and the range is about 1.5 m, making it ideal for close-up work. To power the NEO, you need six AA Ni-MH or Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, which should be enough for about 3 hours of uninterrupted use. This may not be enough for some people, but it comes with a power adapter so you can plug it in if you need more time.

The NEO 2 has an adjustable color temperature that can be changed with a button on the back. You can set it in 10 adjustable steps from 3150K to 6300K. This function is useful when you want to change the color balance according to the lighting conditions of the recording location. You can also adjust the brightness from 1 to 100 in 1% increments, giving you complete control over the brightness of your scene.

SFX mode is a bonus feature. This special lighting effects setting allows you to create faster or slower strobe lights, TV flicker to make it look like the subject is watching TV, and emergency lighting like a police car. It can also simulate the light of a candle, the bright flame of a fire and even a flash of light.

Price : $249.00 £176.00 €205.00

Ulanzi ST-02S Tripod Mount with Cold Shoe

The Ulanzi ST-02S adjustable smartphone holder with cold shoe adapter is another good choice for tripod mounts. Like the Saramonic SR-BSP1 aluminum smartphone stand, the Ulanzi is made of solid aluminum and is incredibly durable. It is fully customizable and fits most smartphone models. The base features a ¼ screw mount so it can be mounted on any standard tripod.

It also has a cool light holder, so you can place a microphone or light over your smartphone if needed. Moreover, it is economical and you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Price : $15.00 £11.00 €13.00

Magnus VT-4000 Tripod

Magnus VT-4000 is a tripod for serious video work. It weighs 3.62 kg, but can carry up to 3.99 kg. So it should easily accommodate your smartphone and any other devices you connect to it. The head is equipped with a panorama button that attaches to the right side of the head. This allows you to take the panoramic or tilted shots you desire. If necessary, you can remove the handle and move it to the other side. However, you cannot remove the head from the tripod like some other tripods because it is attached to the legs.

A set of special locking switches is available to lock the head in place if needed. They can be useful if you want to focus only on a specific camera movement. A fixed spring counterbalance mechanism is also mounted on the head and provides a 1.5 kg counterbalance for smooth head movement. There is also a spirit level to compensate for unevenness.

The head’s quick release plate has a double lock that engages when you move the plate. So your smartphone stays safe while you’re on the move. If you need to remove it urgently, simply press the red button which unlocks it and releases your smartphone.

The VT 4000 tripod is made of anodized aluminum, making it very strong and should withstand most shooting challenges you may encounter. It’s also not too heavy if you have to carry it around.

In actual dimensions, it reaches 59 inches, which is more than enough for most purposes. The VT 4000 is equipped with retractable spikes at the base of the tripod legs, which can be useful when working on rough terrain. If you move, simply lock the spikes in place and take back the rubber feet so you don’t scratch your studio floor.

Price : $160.00 £115.00 €132.00

Ulanzi U-Rig metal hand stabilizer

The Ulanzi U-Rig metal hand stabilizer is fully compatible with Apple iPhone and most Android models, including phones with dual cameras. It has a universal lens adapter with 37mm and 17mm mount that can be fully adapted to your smartphone. Most standard 37mm and 17mm threaded lenses fit it perfectly and it is also compatible with various converters, filters and DOF adapters.

It has two cold light holders and four 1/4 threaded connections. Allows you to attach various photo and movie accessories to enhance your videos. The metal construction also makes it virtually indestructible. So she can withstand any restrictions you put on her. You can also use it with or without a tripod, it can be attached to any tripod with a 1/4 inch screw.

Price : $70.00 £50.00 €58.00

DJI OM4 Gimbal

The OM4 is DJI’s latest smartphone gimbal, following the company’s other successful smartphone gimbals, DJI Mobile 1, 2 and 3. This is a gimbal for smartphones that allows you to make smoother and more professional videos. It also makes it easy to take shots like time-lapse and panoramas.

At first glance, the DJI OM4 gimbal is almost identical to the Osmo Mobile 3, but it has many improvements. It now combines the best features of its predecessors, but also has a magnetic smartphone holder. It no longer clamps the smartphone, but holds it in place with a magnetic clasp or an adhesive metal ring worn on the back of the smartphone. This means you can mount your smartphone to a gimbal in no time.

Like its predecessor, the Osmo Mobile 3, the DJI OM4 has a collapsible stand, meaning it takes up much less space when not in use. The new stand-by mode, which is activated by pressing the M button three times, allows the propeller shaft to be retracted without completely switching off. This means you can switch from compact mode to shooting mode in seconds.

The DJI OM4 has a trigger lever that was originally on the Osmo Mobile 1. This means you have instant access to the controls you need right now. You can now also switch from portrait to landscape mode by simply pressing the button twice. You no longer need to make this adjustment with the button on the back of the gimbal, which was present on the Osmo Mobile 2.

Other features include a USB-C port for charging the gimbal’s internal battery and a runtime of up to 15 hours on a fully charged battery. You can also charge your smartphone via the DJI OM4 if it runs out of power. The DJI OM4 also doesn’t block the Lightning connector or phone jack on older smartphones, like the first two DJI rubbers do. This means that you can connect a microphone.

The DJI OM4 also comes with a mini tripod that can be screwed into the ¼ socket of the DJI OM4’s handle, and a soft bag is available to carry the gimbal.

Price : $200.00 £142.00 €165.00

Filmic Pro Camera App

One of the most popular video camera applications is Filmic Pro. It has been used in countless iPhone videos and even feature films like Tangerine, Madman and High Flying Bird. Filmic Pro has been around for a long time, but it gets better with each new version.

It also has many features for professional video recording and turns your smartphone’s camera into a full-fledged video camera. It has zoom control, multiple frame rates, manual focus and exposure, white balance and shutter speed control. It also features on-screen sound levels for high-quality audio recording and manual adjustment of sound reinforcement.

Filmic Pro has many different settings for aspect ratio and resolution. You can set the frame size to 16×9 (widescreen), 4×3 (old TV standard), 1×1 (square), which is good for social media, and 9×16 for IGTV. With the higher frame rate of up to 240 frames per second, you can shoot both slow motion and fast motion.

If you want to add metadata to your recordings, you can insert this information into Filmic Pro so that each video clip you record has a location and time. You can also save all selected settings as presets, so you don’t have to change the camera functions when you record new videos.

Filmic Pro shoots video up to 4K resolution at 100mbps, giving you very high quality video. Please note that your smartphone must support this feature in order to use it. On newer iPhone models, it can also record in LOG format. This results in a flat image profile that is best suited for color correction. Filmic Pro also supports third-party devices. If you equip your iPhone with an anamorphic lens from Moondog Labs, the image will be stretched and you will have trouble looking at it. Filmic Pro fits this lens so you can view the image correctly. Filmic Pro is also suitable for some Nikon and Canon DSLR lenses and supports manual unbalance.

There is also a classic version of Filmic Pro for older iPhone models. So if you have an older iPhone, you can still use Filmic Pro to shoot videos. However, due to technical limitations on older iPhone models, you can only access some of Filmic Pro’s features.

Until a few years ago, Filmic Pro was only available to iPhone and iPad users. Android users could only look with envy at the video features the Filmic Pro gave to the iPhone. But now, after months of development, the Filmic Pro team has released an Android version of Filmic Pro. Just like the iPhone, Filmic Pro turns the camera on your Android smartphone into a full-fledged video camera.

Most of the features available for the iPhone are also available on Android. However, users should keep in mind that due to the large number of brands and models of Android smartphones, not all functions of Filmic Pro will work. So before you buy, check if your smartphone supports Android Camera2 API to make sure Filmic Pro works properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPhone good for filmmaking?

Filmmaking is a craft that requires a specific tool or arsenal of tools and must be approached in a particular way. The tools I selected for this article are a mixture of the best and the brightest, and have been used by film professionals for many years. These tools are particularly suited for the type of filmmaking that I tend to shoot, which is a hybrid of documentary, narrative, and experimental projects. iPhone is a great video production kit for filmmaking and it is, in fact, better than most traditional video production kit. They’ve got plenty of ways to make great videos, such as a built in camera, a video editing app, and a video export app. These apps work well for professionals and amateurs alike, and when you need to add some special effects and tweak color and exposure, the iOS platform is the way to go.

How do I use iPhone for filmmaking?

iPhone is a great tool for filmmakers, but too often, filmmakers are more focused on the process of using their iPhone, rather than on what they can actually achieve using that device. Film is one of the most popular forms of art there is, and it’s not surprising that the technology to record and edit it is just as advanced. Though there are plenty of video cameras that are better for shooting and editing movies, iPhones are a favorite among filmmakers for a number of reasons. They are relatively compact, can run video editing software, and also offer audio recording and editing tools.

Which phone is best for filmmaking?

These days, anyone can shoot a decent movie. The camera and software that comes with most Android and iPhone handsets are pretty decent, as they are close to the same quality as non-mobile filming tools. But if you want to make a movie that looks and feels like a professional one, you need the right gear. You may want to go with a smartphone if you’re looking for a pain-free experience, but if you want cinematic video and sound quality, you will need to invest in a dedicated video camera. This piece will cover two topics: the best mobile filmmaking cameras and the best mobile filmmaking software. Before I discuss those, I should first cover what makes a good mobile filmmaking camera.

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