See the full list of what will happen to Crave in December 2020.

1. December

Bad Santa (Starz)
A Merry Christmas (Starz)
A Christmas à la Russell Peters

2. December

Adventure at the public school (Starz)
Little God @ 21 o’clock ET (HBO + movies)
Bernie Dolphin (HBO + movies)
Bernie Dolphin 2 (HBO + movies)

3. December

This is my gift to you: Carrie Underwood’s Christmas Special (HBO + films)
Stylish with Jana Lyons (premiere of the series)

4. December

The Journey of Alio – The Amazing Odyssey of the Newborn
Denis and I (1)
Disasters at sea (2)
Exodus : Gods and kings (stars)
Clone game (season 1)
Non-practical jokers : Film (HBO + films)Hunting (HBO + films)Man on the moon (Starz) Powerful features (seasons 1-2)Laughter (season 17)V for the vendetta (Starz)

6. December

A special euphoria: Problems do not always last until 9 p.m. (HBO + movies)
Power Book II : Ghost Part 1 (halftime premiere) (Starz)
Shameless (11th season premiere) at 21.00 (HBO + films)
Your Honor (series premiere) at 22.00 hours

8. December

40 years in prison at 9 p.m. (HBO + movies)

9. December

Alabama Snake at 21.00 ET (HBO + movies)
P.I. Legs (HBO + movies)
Puppy Layer : Love is unleashed (HBO + movies)
Correct error type (Starz)

10. December

Everyone is talking (HBO + movies)
Long hot summer : History of style tips @12:30 pm ET
Silent Night : Song for Peace

11. December

From Paris with love (Starz)
Holmes : Next generation (season 1)
Hauditons : Dinosaur Mirror (Starz)
Scoob! (HBO + movies)
Think like a dog (HBO + movies)
Valley Girl (HBO + movies)
Wild Bear Salvation (Season 1-3)

12. December

Bee Gees: How to repair a broken heart at 20:00 (HBO + movies)
Tacoma FD (Season 2)

December 13th

End of Howard (season 1) (stars)

16. December

The Art of Political Killing @ 21 o’clock ET (HBO + movies)
Yesterday evening (1998) (Starz)
Monsters at large (HBO + movies)

December 18.

All Clear (Starz)
Alpha and Omega (Starz)
Bomb (HBO + movies)
Corner Gas Animated (Season 3)
Four children and the (HBO + movies)
Fluffy Revenge (Starz)
Geordi Shore : Their story (season 1)
My Magic Pet Morphy Picture (HBO + Movies)

21. December

Double your meal: Cottage – Cottage for days
Double your meal : Holiday home – Ginger all along the line.

22. December

Under the grapefruit: History of CC Sabathia at 21.00 ET

25. December

Cinderella Man (stars)
Dog Best Friend
Dr. Carey :
Happiness (Seasons 1-4)
Hurricane (Starz)
I Always Think (HBO + Films)
Letter Kenna (Premiere 9) [Crave Original] 1917 (HBO + Films)
Pride and Prejudice (Starz)
Trolls : World tour (HBO + films)

December 26.

Dirty Dancing (Starz)
Highlights at Ridgemont High School (Starz)

27. December

Dune (Starz)

29. December
The fast and furious (Starz)
2 The fast and furious (Starz)
The fast and furious (Starz) : Tokyo Drift (Starz)
Fast & Furious (Starz)
Fast Five (Starz)
Fast & Furious 6 (Starz)

31. December

John Wick (HBO + movies) : Chapter 2 (HBO + films)

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