After a terrible premiere, the new season of Batwoman does a little better with the second episode of Priority Crime Story, but still manages to deliver some of the worst dialogue ever in the series. Anyway, at the end of the episode, Sophie is about to arrest Alice, but she is stopped by an unwelcome guest, a certain swordswoman Tatiana, who takes her down and takes Alice to the home of her beloved Safiya. The woman, represented by Leah Gibson, is also known as Whisper, and production footage confirms that she is the version of the Whisper A’Dair series, the killer of the comic book that has been shown multiple times with the Bat-family. Judging by the way she pronounces the letter s, we can also assume that she may have retained some of her serpentine features from the comic book…. may have retained some of her serpentine features. Anyway, let’s see who Whisper is.

Little is known about Whisper A’Dair’s past: She was one of many lonely children found by the League of Assassins and trained as new members, and somehow showed enough potential to impress their leader Ra al Ghul, who made her one of his best agents. Under Ra’s tutelage, Whisper became a formidable assassin and was rewarded with a special serum that gave him longevity similar to that of his immortal host, as well as genetic enhancement of snakes. A human-beast hybrid, Whisper A’Daire, aka Snake Fatale, has teamed up with werewolf Kyle Abbot to form a pretty scary duo. In another confrontation between Ra’s al Ghul and his reluctant heir Batman, the latter faced Whisper and Abbot and defeated them despite their improvements in fighting : He even offered them their master’s freedom, but Whisper proudly refused the hero’s help and left the League to fend for themselves though they never strayed from the killer’s path, quite the opposite. During their absence from the Assassin’s League, Whisperer and Abbot found a new calling that justified their way of life and gave them a new purpose: They learned the religion of crime, a bizarre sect that worshiped Cain, and joined with a devoted heart. Like all true believers, at least by the standards of the Cain sect, they were extremely zealous and pious and were rewarded by their membership in the Intergang, an armed group of that sect. Under Intergang’s direction, Shepper went to Gotham City and took over the HSC International Bank, a covert operation for the Cult, and used it to flood the city’s streets with high-tech weapons used by many local gangs to increase the size of their turf wars. Everything was going according to plan until a couple of inspectors found a connection between the street gangs and their business.

SCPD Inspector Renee Montoya teamed up with private investigator The Question, and together they discovered that HSC Banking was funding street gangs by supplying them with weapons. The duo headed out, but before they could stop Whisper A’Dair left Gotham, leaving the Intergang’s final destination a mystery. Despite this setback, Whisper’s ability to protect the sect worked in her favor and she continued to rise through the ranks to become the High Priestess of the Khandaka branch of the sect. Here she used her serpentine charm to brainwash the street kids and turn them into agents of the Intergang and loyal followers of the cult. However, Montoya and number did not leave the trail and followed it to Kahandak, where they formed an alliance with the king and queen of the land, Black Adam and Isis. Overwhelmed, Whisper was again forced to flee, but this time her loyalty was also rewarded: Bruno Mannheim, a prophet of the Cain sect, called them back to Gotham, where he ended up interpreting some messianic verses from the Cain Bible. Kane’s two-faced prophetic daughter is actually identified with Kate Kane, who wore the Batman’s cape. A’Dair was needed to perform a dark ritual where Kate was sacrificed and Gotham was burned in a fire pit. Detective Montoya was still on Whisperer’s trail, and she brought a family of bats. When Manheim didn’t kill Kate Kane, the abbot changed his mind and believed the Cain Bible wanted the girl alive: Werewolf betrayed Whisper and Manheim and helped Montoya and Nightwing save Batman and the city. During the battle, Whisper O’Dair fell into the fire pit she had prepared for Gotham and barely survived the experience. Heavily burned, she was saved by Ra’s al Ghul’s serum and healed with what was left of Intergang. Once on her feet (or tail), she was sent to the Zambezi River in Africa, where she had to help the local warlord, Aku Kwesi, take over. Vixen called on the entire Justice League to help her against Intergang, but Snake Death was ready for her and used her poison to brainwash Superman and Black Canary and send them against his allies: With such powerful forces at her side, she would not lose, not yet.

Whisper A’Dair is a brutal and ruthless killer, a killer who takes pleasure in hurting others and who religiously justifies his crimes by aligning himself with the Cain culture. As a fatal snake, Ra Al Ghul’s serum gives him several options: She can moult like a snake and rejuvenate when she appears to be in her twenties, even if she is over eighty years old; the DNA of the king cobra in her body also gives her the ability to transform into a female snake hybrid, giving her superhuman speed, reflexes and strength, and she can secrete venom from her fangs and spit salt; She is also able to hypnotize people through eye contact and keep everyone under her spell with her brainwashing voice. Killer and seductress Whisper A’Dayra is a follower of the ways of Cain, a fanatic who follows a religion that literally worships crime and murder, allowing her to satisfy her thirst for blood while being considered sacred for it.


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