The question many millennials have been wondering is who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? The debate has raged since their comic books first hit the shelves and it never seems to be ending. With Spiderman swinging into theaters soon, we’re closer than ever before to getting an answer.

This is a question that has been asked many times. The answer depends on the person’s opinion, but I think Batman would win in a fight.

When it comes to the most powerful Justice League members, Flash and Superman are near the top. Their speed and strength are unrivaled, and they are almost impossible to defeat when they are at their peak. The issue is, who would win in a fight between Flash and Superman, and why?

In a direct fight, Flash would beat Superman, but only by a hair. When they raced in the comics, Flash would sometimes win and sometimes tie, but Superman would never beat him. In a one-on-one combat, though, I believe Superman will win simply because of his endurance.

In practically every area, Flash can compete with him, but when it comes to durability, Superman wins hands out. I’ll dissect the two characters and pit their most powerful attributes against one another to discover who would win, in what sort of combat, and why.


First and first, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Superman and Flash are both lightning quick. If this were a race instead of a battle, Flash would easily win. Yes, he is that quick.

Superman had already shown that he could achieve a speed somewhat faster than light — at least in the movies, when he turned back time to rescue Lois Lane. However, in the comics, his peak speed is Mach 9350, which is 9350 times faster than the speed of sound. While it’s quick, it can’t compare to Flash’s capabilities. I’d like to provide a few of instances to illustrate my perspective.

In JLA #48, a nuclear explosion occurs at 13:57 in Chongjin, a town of nearly half a million people in North Korea. All of the individuals are safe on a hill 35 miles distant from the explosion at 13:57 and 0.00001 microseconds. Flash moved so quickly that he could pick them up individually (often two at a time) and transport them to safety in 0.00001 microseconds.

It’s mathematically impossible to comprehend. We’ll take an average of 1.5 individuals every journey since Flash only transported one or two passengers per trip. The hill is 35 miles from town, so he’ll have to go 70 miles each way. To rescue them all, he had to make 354 667 journeys, covering 24 826 690 miles in just 0.000001 microseconds, or 10-11 seconds.

Flash was traveling at a speed of 2.5 quintillion miles per second, or 13 trillion times the speed of light. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C That’s not even taking into account the distance traveled to locate each individual. What’s more, you know what? It’s possible that’s not his peak speed.

Flash escapes the space-time continuum to travel at trans-time velocity in the Flash – The Human Race narrative. He beats the Planck moment, the lowest conceivable unit of time. That’s how long it takes a photon to travel a Planck length, the smallest conceivable distance.

When Flash connects to the Speed Force, he is able to move beyond the idea of speed. Not only does it dismantle the fabric of what we see, but it also deconstructs the fabric of what we perceive.

When it comes to performance, Flash is unrivaled.

Flashpoint: (1:0) Superman


When it comes to sheer strength, I believe Superman has a chance to win – but it would be exceedingly difficult. Superman obtains his abilities by absorbing the radiation from our yellow sun, as you may know. He grows stronger as he becomes more “charged.”

Supes was so powerful at his peak that he could almost lift the Eath with one arm, which weighed roughly 5.972 sextillion metric tons. Take that number as you want; all I’ll say is that it’s unfathomably powerful. On so many levels, though, assuming that the Flash is merely a speedy person is incorrect.

Because of his incredible speed, he can utilize the Speed Force to practically demolish things when they collide with him. Such speed would result in a catastrophic energy explosion, but the Speed Force absorbs all of the destructive energy that would otherwise destroy the cosmos if Flash just moved.

That implies he can unleash an Infinite Mass Blow, a monstrously powerful punch capable of knocking out Superman. The Flash, on the other hand, can churn out a billion of them in a single second. It’ll be night-night for the alien if he can catch Superman off guard.

But it’s not that straightforward. He’d have to catch Superman off guard first, something not many people have been able to do. In terms of strength, I’d say they’re about even, as it’ll come down to who can strike first. Strength is given to both characters.

Flashpoint(s) (2:1) Superman


Superman, I suppose, will ultimately fall into the category of toughness. He and Flash each have flaws that the other may take advantage of. In a no-holds-barred combat, though, it would come down to who could outlast who — and Superman can outlast anybody.

Flash expends a lot of energy to move as quickly as he does, which he must replace by consuming a lot of calories — or by tapping into the Speed Force, which consumes energy. 

Flash may also be harmed, bruised, bloodied, and even murdered, despite the fact that he recovers extraordinarily quickly because to the Speed Force. Due to his quickness, he seldom takes a hit, but if anybody can clip him, it’s Supes. Superman’s energy levels, on the other hand, do not deplete over time as long as he is not subjected to Kryptonite and there is a source of solar radiation from a yellow sun.

So, if none of them can catch the other off guard, it boils down to who is the most durable. While Flash must recharge his energy at some point, Superman seems to be able to battle indefinitely. 

Superman cannot be physically harmed by Flash until he finds Kryptonite or removes him from the Sun, although he may be physically harmed by Supes if he manages to strike him. Because of their talents, both of them are incredibly durable, but Superman is only a step ahead of Flash.

Superman (2:2) Flash Point

Extra Authority

Aside from invulnerability, superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, Superman has a number of additional abilities that contribute to his terrifying power. First and foremost, he has the ability to fly at incredible speeds.

He also has a variety of ocular abilities, including X-ray, infrared, and thermal vision, as well as a powerful wind/freezing breath. Furthermore, Superman is much more clever than any human, capable of seeing things in whole new ways. You would believe he has more adaptability than Flash, but you’d be incorrect.

Almost all of Flash’s abilities stem from his ability to tap into the enigmatic Speed Force. Sure, it grants him amazing speed, but it also comes with a slew of other benefits. It absorbs all of the breakout energy that occurs when he reaches peak speed.

Remember how we said he could go at 13 trillion times the speed of light? Moving at such speed, with him weighing just under 80 kg, would result in an energy burst equal to 1011 x 300 megaton nuclear bombs exploding simultaneously. That type of energy would not only crush the Earth, but it would also pose a danger to the whole Solar System.

The Speed Force, on the other hand, takes care of that. It’s why the victims Flash rescues from the nuclear blast aren’t torn into bits when he lifts them into the air. As it moves, Flash may phase-shift between things and absorb the kinetic energy of others.

The Speed Force also enables the flash to create massive quantities of lightning and employ it as a weapon. However, moving at such incredible speeds has one additional benefit that is a deciding factor in awarding Flash a point in this area.

Not only can the Flash move at breakneck speeds, but his mind works at breakneck speeds as well. Flash states in Superman #709 that he can see events in less than an attosecond. The shortest duration ever measured by humans is 12 attoseconds, thus it’s quick.


The time it takes for light to go from one end of a molecule to the other is measured in attoseconds. So, as quick as Superman’s intellect is, it’s not even close to the speed of the Flash.

Superman (3:2) Point: Flash

Who Would Win in a Fight Between the Flash and Superman, and Why?

Finally, the scoreboard reads 3:2 in favor of the Flash over Superman, giving him the upper hand in a prospective combat between the two heroes. While I agree that certain of his abilities are unmatched — by Superman or anybody else – it depends on the kind of conflict we’re talking about.

He easily defeats a typical Superman in any combat. If it comes down to a race, no matter how strong Superman becomes, Flash always comes out on top. When it comes to a battle to the death, though, things become a little more tricky.

Flash, you know, has the ability to knock Superman out, but he’d have to surprise him, which is difficult against Kal-El. Even if he knocks him out, nothing can kill him until his abilities are taken away with Kryptonite – and there isn’t much of that around, is there?

On the other hand, it’s game over if Superman can merely strike Flash once (it’s very difficult, but even weaker heroes than Superman have done it). And we’re still not talking about the most powerful form of Superman, but simply plain old Supes. Flash would have no idea what struck him if we’re talking about Superman Prime One Million.

Superman Prime One Million (SPOM) is Superman, who has spent a millennium in the Sun’s core, absorbing its energy. Remember, Supes was given superpowers he couldn’t even control with just one blast of sun power. Consider the benefits of a thousand years within the Sun.

That type of power is beyond the scope of the Flash’s abilities, and there’s nothing the Flash can do about it.

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