Yennefer, Geralt’s primary love interest and source of trouble in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is known for her impulsive nature. After she saves Cahir from a burning building fire without asking questions about his origin or motive for doing so, we try to figure out what made Yennefer do it–and why it even matters.

The “cahir and ciri relationship” is a question that has been asked by many. In the game, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, Yennefer saves Cahir from his execution. This is because she feels that he does not deserve to die for something he didn’t do.

Why Did Yennefer Save Cahir? (& Disobeyed The Brotherhood)

We all know that The Witcher is a series that isn’t only about one tale; it also follows many subplots in which some of the other characters are engaged. In season 2, Yennefer’s narrative, in which she protected the Nilfgaardian leader Cahir and basically violated The Brotherhood when instructed to kill him personally, was one such subplot. But why did Yennefer rescue Cahir in the first place?

Because she didn’t have a choice, Yennefer rescued Cahir. She was offered two alternatives, none of which were ideal for her. As a result, the only alternative was to not make a decision and instead select a totally different path, which was to rescue Cahir and then find a route to Cintra to reclaim her power.

The Yennefer and Cahir subplot was intriguing since we never learned much about the Nilfgaardian leader in season 1. Meanwhile, his collaboration with Yennefer offered us a better understanding of Cahir and his motivations, as we saw how his tale was connected with the greater plot of The Witcher.

Why did Yennefer come to Cahir’s rescue?


There are several characters in The Witcher that play both key and subsidiary roles. While we already know that Yennefer is one of the series’ main protagonists, we also get to see more of Cahir, the Niflgaardian commander in charge of the Cintra invasion and Ciri captivity. In the last episode of season 1, we also got to witness Yennefer and Cahir on different sides.

Cahir didn’t have much screen time in season one since he was usually shown as the towering figure hell-bent on capturing Ciri, whom he dubbed the Black Knight. In season 2, he took on a larger role, particularly when Yennefer spared him from death. But why did Yennefer come to Cahir’s rescue?

Cahir and Fringilla were commanding the Nilfgaardian soldiers against the wizards’ army in the last episode of season 1 at the Battle of Sodden Hill, as you may remember. In the meanwhile, Yennefer seized command of the wizards in that combat. We witnessed Yennefer use fire magic to win the war, but we also saw Cahir and his soldiers being terribly defeated. Cahir was taken prisoner by the magicians in the intention of obtaining information from him, it was subsequently revealed.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Mages assumed that Yennefer was one of the mages who died in the Battle of Sodden Hill as Season 2 progressed. She did, however, survive and was captured by Fringilla and the Nilfgaardians. Worst of all, Yennefer’s magic was destroyed when she utilized fire magic.

When the elves invaded the Nilfgaardians, Yennefer was able to reclaim her freedom. When she returned to the Brotherhood, however, things didn’t go nearly as smoothly as she had intended, much to their surprise. Tissaia, the wizard who had taught her, was relieved to see her alive. When the “hero” of Sodden Hill returned, Stregobor, one of the Brotherhood’s elders, believed his influence and control over the mages was eroding.

Stregobor used a smear campaign to cast doubt on Yennefer’s loyalty in order to achieve this goal. Stregobor assumed Yennefer was a Nilfgaardian spy since she was allowed to return uninjured. Cahir, who had been taken prisoner, was the only way she could show her commitment.

Yennefer’s second option for clearing her name was to reveal to the Brotherhood that she had lost all of her magic, which would suffice as evidence that she was not a spy. However, this would make her seem weak, while the Brotherhood’s elders would only gain political strength.

As a result, when Cahir was taken before the Northern kings and queens of the continent to be killed by Yennefer, the wizard chose none of the alternatives available to her. Instead, she shattered Cahir’s shackles and shoved the pyres, causing havoc and confusion. She took advantage of this and departed with Cahir, telling him that she merely rescued him to save herself.

Yennefer did not rescue Cahir because she was a Nilfgaardian spy or because she loved him. Instead, she went with an alternative that she didn’t have before the execution. That was the greatest choice for her since she didn’t want to be a puppet of the Brotherhood by executing someone. At the same time, she didn’t want the Brotherhood’s elders to gain political influence as a result of her loss of authority.

Cahir’s decision to rescue herself was a personal one since it was the only option she had. Furthermore, she felt that rescuing Cahir and potentially transporting him to Cintra would enable her to reclaim her abilities.

In which episode did Yennefer come to Cahir’s rescue?

Episode 3 was the one in which Yennefer saved Cahir. During the latter half of the program, and towards the finish, he rescued him. It occurred just as they were preparing to execute Cahir by appointing Yennefer as his executioner. She, on the other hand, had other intentions, as previously stated.

Why did Yennefer break the Brotherhood’s rules?


If you remember, Yennefer was never the continent’s most dutiful magician. She violated the Brotherhood on several occasions, including when she pushed herself out of being the wizard of Nilfgaard and when she went rogue after the death of the queen of the realm she served. She even violated the Brotherhood by joining the mage army that defeated Nilfgaard’s armies.

However, the fact that she was never really faithful to the wizards’ command was the reason she defied the Brotherhood when she was requested to kill Cahir. She was uninterested in the politicization and power struggle between the many magicians since she had other personal objectives. Of all, following the wizards in that scenario with Cahir would just serve as a pawn for the elders, allowing them to gain even more political power.

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The “does yennefer go to nilfgaard” is a question that many fans have been asking since the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this blog, I will answer the question and provide some insight into Yen’s decision.

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