You must have heard the news. The cult sitcom of the 90s, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, has been re-released. Oh, really? The first teaser went on YouTube this week, and it’s good… Unlike the TV show we all love and remember.

Moreover, a TV show is a drama, with a dark and grainy (I dare say realistic) connotation, and it can only be different from the original concept, funny and hilarious. This reorientation will certainly address political and racial issues, but in a much clearer and more specific way. I think this will coincide with the current atmosphere of racial tension, inequality and the BDS movement.

Unless… The original TV show already did it… But seriously. It was probably one of the most progressive, visionary and racist television shows since Sanford and Son of Benson in the 1970s. It was also created by an African-American who drew inspiration from his real life to create the character of Will Smith. Will Smith. From the steep streets of Philadelphia he was brought to the top district of Bel Air. And let me tell you. I loved that show. I escaped from the Banks family.

And the original show had exciting moments that also reflected the racial tension. It was realistic, too, but it went well with the humor. racial profiling, Will got shot, Carlton OD’d on drugs. They weren’t all roses and daisies.

And he was also very progressive in terms of social impact. She showed America and the world that there are black people living in Bel Air. It has shown that they are also excellent and successful citizens, not fraudsters and criminals. It showed that black people can be rich, prosperous and respected! I mean, the Banks family had a living butler, for God’s sake.

But I think the question is why every damn restart (especially in movies, but also on TV) has to be done in the dark. What about the sand? And so, uh… Awful? Charm is a good example. Like Sabrina the teenage witch and now Prince of Bel Air? What’s the next night driver? The original 1990 comedy sitcom was based on a few elements, and it was this perfect mix that made it work. What kind of mix? What can you ask me? Well, there’s Will Smith’s talent for comedy and, of course, his incredible charisma.

Do you remember those actors except he had, like, a great career in Hollywood? To hell with it! Alfonso Ribeiro was good, but Will wore the show on his back. We must not forget that the show had excellent lettering and an incredible musical effect in the background. If you look at the musical guests that have been shown for 6 seasons, you will be amazed. Music was the central figure of the show (not only to make Carlton dance), but also humour. The good mood. It’s no ordinary line joke. No, the humor was clever, witty and sharp. Any sign.

I’m talking about throwing away the dark, grainy shit. God forbid a TV show or a movie should be really cheerful and funny. And funny! Not everything has to be serious, dark and grainy to be taken seriously. I get it, I get it, I get it. America stands at a crossroads, looking to the past, the present and the future. But relax, guys. There’s already a lot of dark and grainy stuff. Have you recorded the news lately?

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