Chocolate corn

Corn sweetened like coriander. Their taste buds are either loved or hated. For many, this three-coloured, triangular Halloween paper clip is a major purchase every autumn, while for others it is a classic option that simply rises from the dead every year. Although the jury does not know which side it is on, there are many reasons why sweet corn is loved and hated by the masses.

Why people love sweetcorn

You will find them everywhere.

Unlike other types of candy brands such as Hersey, Mars or Haribo, sweet corn does not belong to a specific theme. With a simple Google search you can buy sweet corn from Russell Stover, Sweet Gourmet, Brach’s, Jelly Belly, Happy Candy and many others. In addition, other stores, such as CVS, can also create their own brand.

Unique for fall.

In the US, more than 9 billion maize units are sold each year, most of which are consumed in the autumn months of September and October. Although there is only one colour for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the main types of white, orange and yellow are not available on the shelves all year round, making it a long-awaited product.

It looks no different and has no different taste.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of corn that attract consumers on other holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but what keeps the corn going is the same look and taste for more than 100 years. The recipe was invented in 1880 by George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderlee Candy Company, and has remained essentially the same ever since, unlike other candy brands that experiment with different flavours, colours and even talismans.

Why people hate sweetcorn

Pure sugar tastes too sweet

Comedian Lewis Black once made a joke: Sweet corn is the only candy in American history that has never been advertised. And that’s why all sweet corn was ever produced in 1911. To make candy from corn, mix the sugar and the corn syrup, beat the gelatin and the sugar in the air and add the fudge, then add the yellow and orange color. For many, this leads to a taste that is simply too sweet and a lack of blending of other flavours, such as the stickiness of caramel or the crunchiness of nuts.

This is an old-fashioned.

Although some people appreciate the fact that sweet corn has been around for some time, it may have little appeal compared to more modern options such as Sour Patch Kids and chewworms. After all, sweetcorn was originally called chicken feed because at the time of its invention it was assumed to be maize. A popular treat among a generation of baby boomers. Only time will tell how long sweet corn will last for those who did not grow up with it.

In fact, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) surveyed people to find that corn is the second most popular candy – but only 13 percent popular, much less than chocolate, which dominates with 70 percent. Ruminants and chewing gum are in third and fourth place with 6 and 5 percent respectively.

This does not apply to portfolios or life packages as defined in.

Unlike traditional M&M’s, Twix, Milky Way or Three Musketeers, sweet corn is usually sold in large bags so you can eat it in no time. It’s rarely found individually packaged for purses or healers to put in your Halloween treats. If you go to a supermarket to store sweets, you won’t find them in a variety of packaging with other delicacies you want.


Halloween can’t be Halloween without cornfields. Whether it is a decoration or an edible substance is still under discussion. Whatever its purpose, it may very well live to be a hundred years or more old.

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