As in his other films, director Guy Ritchie doesn’t shy away from the action in Wrath of Man. Jason Statham, who is known for his muscular physique and action-packed films, is joined by an all-star supporting cast, including the likes of Ray Winstone, Idris Elba, and Elle Goulding. The film is set in the near future, and a recent mega-earthquake has left the world in chaos. The United Kingdom in particular has become a cesspool of crime. (As the film’s tagline puts it, “When the law failed, it was time for justice.”)

This is a movie about Jason Statham, and only Jason Statham, and it’s an adventure movie that is all about Jason Statham. The supporting cast is almost non-existent, the plot is pretty simple, and it’s all set up to allow Jason Statham to kick certain things for a long time. It is all action, all the time, and all about Jason Statham. This is a different sort of movie than I’m used to, but it’s a fun one.

The iconic bad boy duo continue to make solid action films you have to love watching…..

We, the audience, have witnessed many wonderful collaborations between actors and directors in film over the years. John Woo and Chow Yun Fat. Tony Scott and Denzel Washington. Isaac Florentin and Scott Adkins. Lots of community service. I would add to that the collaborations of Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham. The two appeared in the British gangster comedy Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which led to two other films together, Snatch and Revolver.

But after that, their careers went in very different directions. Ritchie went on to star in gangster comedies and also worked on big movies like Disney’s Aladdin , , and Statham became one of the world’s biggest action stars, with roles in big movies like Safe , Carrier, Hobbs and Shaw, and Meg . So when it was announced that the two men would be coming together for a new movie called Wrath of Man, there was plenty to look forward to. Especially after the release of the trailer. Now that the film is out, is it in line with his previous work? We’ll see about that!

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CMAU viewing The Wrath of Man (2021)

The new armoured car guard surprises his colleagues when he shows his skills during a robbery. The team wonders who he is and where he came from. The shooter’s ultimate motive soon becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irreversible steps to end his life.

To tell the truth for the time, I will say that I really enjoyed this movie! This is one of the best Jason Statham movies of all time! Don’t overdo it. Statham is in top form in an incredibly effective film and Ritchie does what he does best, better than ever. I think what I like most about this film is that it’s actually two films in one: a revenge film and a heist film, and both films are absolutely brilliant.

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Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham in top form

Let’s go back a bit first: This movie has a fantastic cast, including Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, Jeffrey Donovan, Scott Eastwood, Eddie Marsan, Laz Alonso, Niamh Algar, Darrell D’Silva, Babs Olusanmokun, and Andy Garcia, and honestly, they all do a great job. But the obvious star of the show is Statham, who is absolutely incredible in his usual style. This man exudes grace, courtesy and freshness the entire time he’s on screen, and it’s always charming.

And that’s a credit to Ritchie, who did a phenomenal job directing. When I saw the trailer, my first thought was how he was going to incorporate his usual style into this action movie, and I can say he did a great job! This is definitely a Guy Ritchie film, with great cinematography and a non-linear narrative. The film is even divided into several parts, namely:

  • The Spirit of Darkness
  • Scorched earth
  • Bad animals. Bad animals.
  • Liver, lungs, spleen and heart

Although it certainly doesn’t look like most Guy Ritchie films. Why? Because it’s not perfect.

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But how marginal is it?

This brings us to the next part: Action. It’s not an action movie. Instead, there are only two action scenes in the film, one in the beginning and one in the climax, with some shooting and torture here and there. But that doesn’t matter, because the action is perfectly executed and gory as hell. It’s one of the best movies ever made. This is perhaps the most difficult film Ritchie has made in his career. Watching the film reminded me of the serious tone of the Statham Parker film, which was done in the visual style of Statham and Ritchie’s last film together Revolver. And that sounds like a sensational combination to me.

Are there any drawbacks? I have to say that some Ritchie-esque dialogue at the beginning of the film doesn’t work very well when it’s led by a bunch of Americans. Honestly, it seemed very forced. But it will be over soon, so don’t worry.

All in all, this movie was immediately at the top of my list of favorite Statham and Ritchie movies. It’s an absolutely incredible moment and a wonderful reunion of two great collaborators. Let’s hope this movie is a real success and that we get to see more of these two. Did you hear me? I want more!!!

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